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Montana Decoy Inc. – Turkey Decoy Review

Alyssa Haukom, © May 2004

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Decoys are essential gear for turkey hunts and they’re relatively easy to bring along, however once you pack your turkey vest full of box calls, slate calls, a water bottle or two, mouth calls, shotgun shells, a snack or two, (and of course toilet paper), every little essential tends to quickly add up in terms of weight.

If I can cut down on weight and bulk when hunting, I will. So this year I chose to pack my back vest pocket with turkey decoys by Montana Decoys, and give them a try in the field.

As you can see, my bathroom scale registers "no weight", just as I expected after placing all three folded decoys on the scale.
Montana Decoys are unique. They are one-dimensional fabric decoys with a photo image incorporated onto both sides of the durable polyester fabric. Each of the turkey decoys I carried folded easily into a small circle approximately 7" by 7" and held its folded shape with just a rubber band wrapped around it. All three decoys I used were as light as a feather and weighed less than a few ounces. Each decoy from Montana Decoys comes with a shock-corded fiberglass stake, which inserts easily into a "channel" sewn into the fabric decoy. Set-up takes mere seconds, an important feature when hunting.

Some people are skeptical of Montana Decoys’ one-dimensional design. But just look at the photos I took of my setups; the decoys are remarkably realistic, enhanced even more by their ability to be blown by the wind, mimicking real-life movement; something heavier decoys are not always capable of.

Montana Decoys currently offer these turkey decoys: Tom Turkey (in full strut), Jake Turkey and the Turkey II (Mating turkey). Prices range from $29.95 to $39.95.

This year I used the Jake and the Tom Turkey and hope to experiment next year with the Turkey II. The one drawback is the lack of a hen decoy in their offering, a decoy, which I feel, is essential on a turkey hunt and one which I hope will be added to their lineup before next year’s turkey season winds around.

These decoys compact design enables you to pack and carry them safely tucked away and secure, unlike some bulkier decoys, which protrude from your vest. In fact, I lost a foam hen decoy I carried in my back vest pocket as I ran across a dirt road and up a steep ditch bank pursuing a hung-up, hot Tom in Wisconsin. After crossing without being detected, I quickly set-up my Tom Turkey decoy, sat down, did a little cutting and yelping, and shot my Gobbler minutes later; a nice 23 ¼ lb., 9 ½" bearded Eastern.

Not bad, heh?


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