Rynoskin, the Insect Protection Suit that Works

I made a request to field-test the latest thing in insect protection suits, and the folks at Har-Son, Inc. sent me three Rynoskin bug suits (one for each of my family members). Made of Nylon and Rayon these two piece suits are a breathable, snug fitting, shirt and pant set worn next to the skin affording an outstanding shield against biting flies, ticks and chiggers.

The new body armor from Rynoskin arrived about a week later in a package supplying each member of my family with a bug protection suit in our respective sizes. This was just too good to be true. I was ecstatic because the day the new products arrived, we were leaving for a Rocky Mountain camping trip. I included my child and my husband’s two piece Rynoskin suits in the suitcase with my own and we were packed and ready to go.

The forecast in the Rocky Mountains predicted weather in the mid-thirties at night with 78 degrees during the daily afternoon thundershowers. Not only did the Rynoskins do an excellent job of protecting the skin from chiggers and ticks, but worn as a wicking layer under fleece and wool pajamas they kept us warm at night in our sleeping bags at an elevation of eight thousand feet in mid-30 degree temps. They were cool enough to wear beneath lighter cotton layers on a hike through mountain trails in seventy-degree temperatures as well. Though when the temperature climbed above seventy we shed the extra layers and changed into shorts and tees. Thanks to these Rynoskin bug suits, we did not have one bug bite from our time spent camping and hiking in the mountains.

During the recent weeks of using of this body armor, I have found it to be 100% tick and chigger proof while out in the woods, just as the folks at Har-Son, Inc. promised. In the river bottoms where we’ve started our preseason scout for deer, the mosquitoes are a force of millions to be reckoned with and Rynoskin did little to shield the skin from those stinging pests while traipsing through Missouri’s woodland river bottoms to locate deer trails.

These lightweight long sleeved and legged suits are breathable, wash easily, and dry quickly in less than ten minutes. The generous stretch in this material allows several inches of size adjustment and although they are snug fitting, they are comfortable to wear. In hotter temperatures and humid conditions, the two piece nylon and rayon body armor is warmer than I like but the moisture dries quickly cooling the skin as it does. The benefit of wearing this unique product under lightweight clothing is definitely worth the protection it provides. Rynoskin is also very comfortable in moderately cool temperatures when worn under another layer. I do like the bug protection it consistently provides from ticks and chiggers.

Our troops in Iraq are among the outdoor professionals and law enforcement officials who are using this product. The American Lyme Disease Association supports the use of Rynoskin. With the constant threat of Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Rynoskin is perfect for hunting, camping, and any other outdoor activity, which might require insect protection. With this Rynoskin body armor available in adult sizes through 4X as well as child sizes, you can get bug protection that will fit every hunter and outdoor enthusiast in your family.

Rynoskin is available in camouflage, white, and green. Also available are the hood, gloves, and socks that complete the entire outfit and provide additional protection.


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