Paula Threatt's Patience Pays Off

I harvested this buck 1-30-10 with my .3855 rifle he scored an even 150 13 points in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. I caught my first glimpse of him back in November with my game camera. I hunted nearly everyday trying to catch him! My patience finally paid off!  Paula


Eva Madziova's Photos

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Jodi Calus' Buck

This is my biggest buck I ever shot and I got it last year on my property.
It was a 13pt. and the black on the horns is some velvet that didn't get rubbed off and it gave my buck a nice look.

Jodi Calus


Karen Wimmer's Season

I started hunting last year.  My husband has been hunting as a child, and I was not raised in a hunting family.  I decided it would be great to hunt with my husband, giving us something to do together.  I teased my husband that my first buck had to be bigger than his, I was not going to let my buck on the wall be the smallest one. I was lent a 270 rifle last year by a friends of our that is a taxidermist.  I was excited!  I had practiced shooting, and loved to hear my husband tell people what a great shot I was.  He was very proud.  So off we went on opening day.  We hunted in the acreage next to our home.  I saw the deer come in, but never spoke up to tell my husband I wanted the first shot.  He got a great doe that day.  I got nothing. He was upset, because if I would have just nudged him, he would have let me go for it.  He was under the impression that I only wanted to get a buck that year. I went out a couple more times, but said I was jinxed.  He laughed and told me that I have yet to put my time in.

So I prepared for this year. I got a doe tag for each of the two WMU's I hunt in. I was bound and determined to get that first kill.  I have only hunted with the rifle, and bow season was in full swing.  My father-in-law had purchased a new crossbow, and I was given permission to take it out and give it a try.  My husband and and a friend of his took me out and sat me in my tree stand on a Friday afternoon.  I sat there for 3 and a 1/2 hour.  Saw Nothing.  So we headed home and prepared to go out early on Saturday morning.  We got out in the field, and I got in my tree stand.  " This is my Day"  I thought.  I settled in and watched my husband walk and get in his stand about 100 yards away.  About 15 minutes later a turned my head to see a doe coming towards me, down the path.  I carefully aimed the bow, heart POUNDING, As I raised the bow I noticed a second deer.  I aimed and shot.  I watched her run about 30 yards through the brush and then heard nothing, but a strange sound.  Then I hear my husband "Did you get it?". I answered with a very shaky voice "I think so."  So as I waited in my stand for him to return to me, I calmed down. He came down the path with a grin from ear to ear. I directed him down the path that the doe had ran, and followed him.  Then he said "Oh My, there she is."  A 140lb doe!  I got my first!  I was so excited and the only thing better, was the excitement of my husband, that his wife had gotten a first and a beauty.  I loved hearing him re-tell the story with such pride in his voice, and I loved that I had accomplished something that a few years ago, I never would have considered even trying.

So we then prepared for opening day.  I was so excited I could barely sleep.  We got up early, and heading to our tree stand.  I spent the entire day with cold and rain.  I saw a few doe, but got busted when I tried to prepare my gun.  No problem, I kept telling my self, I am just putting in my time.  We had fun, but neither of us had any luck.  The following day, I took my kids to the bus stop and when I pulled back in the driveway I noticed a few doe out in the woods.  So I ran in the house, prepared my gun, and dressed in my orange.  I went out behind my garage.  I placed my crosshairs on the closest doe, but decided it was too small, so I scanned the rest, and found a good sized one.  I shot.  There must have been more deer behind the laurels, because they scattered EVERYWHERE.  I ran in the house, and prepared my son for the cold.  I checked everywhere I had shot, but found no leads to as where she went.  No trails.  No idea where she went. I assumed I had missed, afterall I had missed before with the same spot.  Disappointed, cold, and with a crying son, I head back to the house to feed my son breakfast.  I received a call from a friend who had also been hunting in the acreage next to us.  He had asked if I had set off the shot that he heard.  I told him I did but I missed.  He informed me that I had not and that he had my doe and the bottom of the hill. I did not miss this time!  SO excited I ran to see him and my doe.  There she was a beautiful 110lb doe.  Now the men are jealous.  Some have not gotten anything, and here I had 2 under my belt, from two different WMUs. 

The following days I kept my eyes out.  My husband works and did not get home till late, so I did not have much chance to get into the woods like I would have liked to.  So I figured I still had my buck to get.  I knew there were a few out and about, so I kept watching.  About a week after I gotten my second doe, I was in my kitchen decorating my Christmas.  My dog was barking up a storm, and I was trying tell her to quiet down.  My son walks and and informs me that there was a deer outside.  Assuming it was another doe, I peaked out the window to see a gorgeous rack looking at me.  Oh My Goodness!  I ran to get myself dressed and prepare myself.  I called my husband at work to tell him what I was about to do.  I was so excited.  I stepped outside, and walked around to the woods.  I aimed and fired.  He dropped instantly.  My heart was out of control.  My husband still on the phone.  I picked the phone back up, and heard him say "Did you get it?"  Yes I screamed.  I told him it just dropped over.  "That's how it is done"  he said.  The phone calls went flying.  Many of his friends are jealous, but my husband is so excited for me.  My excitement did not truly hit, until he got home that night and I jumped in his arms, and he spun me around. He does not even mind hearing someone tell him that this buck's rack is bigger than anything he has even gotten.  He has decided to stay home next year, and let me work, so he can hunt.  So what a season I had.  2 doe and 1 monster buck. I know that I did not hunt in the traditional sitting in the tree stand manner, at least not for the last two. I have been told I was cheating, or not a real hunter, because I was not sitting in my tree stand when I shot my buck. But with four kids, I do not get the chance to sit alone in the woods, and wait.  I have to grab the chance when they come about.  Living in the woods with a hundred acres around me, gave me the opportunity to live in a perfect setting to hunt when I can, even if it means walking out to check the woods, when I can. I love sitting in my tree stand.  Watching the squirrels run from tree to tree.  Praying and talking to God.  It is my time to be in solitude.  For me the time flies so fast, and it amazes me that I have sat for 3 - 4 hours.  I hope next year I get more time in the woods, more time to reflect, more time to hunt in the traditional setting. 

But I feel so accomplished. Nothing could ever top this year. All my tags were used, and I was done for the year.  I have talked a couple of my friends into hunting next year.  My oldest daughter in heading out next year, after a summer to practice shooting.  I cannot wait for her to get her first.  It will be something she will never forget, as I will never forget this season.  I look forward to all six of us hunting together.  My husband, me, our two daughters, and our two sons.  A hunting family.  Well, my freezer is full, and I look forward to not having to buy meat for a long time.  I cannot wait to try all the recipes I have found.  I also look forward to next year.  It may not turn out the same, but these memories and accomplishments will last a lifetime for me.

Thanks for letting me share, and I have attached pics of my accomplishments.


Rifle/Gun Trophy Photos

Paula Threatt

I harvested this buck 1-30-10 with my .3855 rifle he scored an even 150 13 points in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. I caught my first glimpse of him back in November with my game camera. I hunted nearly everyday trying to catch him! My patience finally paid off!
Debbie Decker

This gorgeous Kansas whitetail was taken with a Savage 30.06. with about a 70 yard shot in Shawnee county.
Cheryl Rude

Went on an awesome caribou hunt with my son.  We flew out of Kotzebue and were 7 days in the tundra.
As a non resident I could only shoot one in this area but very happy with it.
Eva Madziova

I am hunters-women from Europe
Brigitte Franklin

my first buck I killed with a 243 rifle in Fayetteville, NC!
Lisa Coldwell

of Kamloops BC   w/08  Cali Ram 270 win
Lisa Coldwell

Mule Deer, Kamloops BC Canada. Win 270
Sue Courtney

Hi my name is Sue Courtney from Morgan City, Louisiana.  My husband Keith took me to South Texas this past November (2008) and I shot my first buck.  I took him with my Ruger M77 Compact 7mm - 08.  He has 23" main beams.
Lisa Baca
(Oct 2008) My very first buck! Yeah! This CA Mule Deer Hunt was my 4th official hunt, but by far the best!  My husband and I feel so blessed to of had the opportunity to hunt X6A here in Northern California.   The sagebrush country was so different from hunting the pines/oaks (Blacktail Country), but very rewarding. I will be putting in for X zones every year. Don't ever let anyone tell you those sagebrush bucks have a bad taste. The meals are still comin and they are delicious paired with a great bottle of wine. (Rifle Used .257 Weatherby)
Lisa Baca

(Oct. 2006) This was my very first hunt ever.  I had so much fun on this wild boar hunt with my husband and was hooked immediately.  I ended up taking this female sow near Lakeport, CA. These boars make for some delicious family meals (that is one of the rewards). (Rifle used: .257 Weatherby)
Karin Wimmer

Sallie Workman

8 point buck I killed 2 years ago in champaign county, Ohio with a Remington 1100 Lt , 20 gauge semi automatic
Sallie Workman

7 pt buck I just killed this past saturday in champaign county, Ohio (12-6-08) with my Remington 870, 20 gauge
Brandon (my nephew) and I got a doe on Sunday (11/16) morning up in Polk County, MO.
Jodi Calus

This is my biggest buck I ever shot and I got it last year on my property.  It was a 13pt. and the black on th ehorns is some velvet that didn't get rubbed off and it gave my buck a nice look.

Jody Welgoss Collins
from NJ
Successful Goose hunt in NJ with my 12ga. Benelli in 2004.
Jody Welgoss Collins
from NJ
Great SC deer hunt, again with my trusty Ruger 30-06.  Nice 8pt in October of 2006.
Jody Welgoss Collins
from NJ
This buck was 5 1/2 years old - I watched him for years.  This is the first time he was anything more than a spike (4pt); he had an 18 inch spread and 21 inch tines.  Took him during NJ's shotgun season (December 6th, 2007) with my Remington.
Jody Welgoss Collins
from NJ
I hunted in Alberta in 2001; took this 10 pt. with my Ruger 30-06/180 grain bullett.  I hunted in November and it was unseasonably warm there.
Jody Welgoss Collins
from NJ
I hunted out in Utah this October 6th on my first Elk hunt. Took this 5x5 with my Ruger 30-06; 180 grain at 70 yards.
4x4 taken on the North Rim Arizona 2007
This is my wife Maria. she shot this 120 lb doe at 115 yards with her .243 single shot. this was her first deer but doubt it will be her last!!
Wanda Chadbourne

This is my 7 pointer from Dec 9th, 2006
Sarah Jensen

I just wanted to share my 07' Missouri buck. I shot him 25 minutes into shooting time opening day and was very proud of it!!!
Pat Hendrixson

with her lifetime hunt draw in N.M. 2008
Shannon Smith

I got my buck in northern michigan on state land the last weekend of rifle season with my 243.
Shannon Smith

I got the coyote behind my house in southern mich with my 11-87 12 gauge.
Selena Hudson

mule deer
Hayden Colorado
Murphy ranch
win 260 /140 grain
26 inch spread
Long shot at 270 yards
Jill Thomison

I shot this deer November 28th, the first evening of modern rifle season in Kansas .  Shot with a 243, shooting 245 improved shell.
Wendy Zens

September 16, 2007
New Mexico
I had been scouting the entire ranch and had picked this particular antelope.   Was really fun.

Tammy Grinsell

10 point whitetail taken Oct 30, 2007 in Northwestern Ontario.

30.06 Browning at 100yds.
Tamara Duick

This is my first buck... a nice 10 pointer.  I shot the buck with a 25-06 rifle up in Lake of the Woods, MN on opening morning (8:30 am November 3, 2007). The deer weighed about 190lb.
Wendy Hayes

This is my first Pronghorn taken in southeastern WY on opening morning with a .243 Remington at 200 yards.  He is a 13" buck with ivory tips.
Marsha Raley

Hog Hunt '07
Middle Tennessee
Taken down with 1 shot, this 250 lbs boar was the first kill of the day.  This was my first hog hunt, but it will not be my last!
Pat Hendrixson

4X5 - 24" spread - Colorado
Pat Hendrixson

2005 moose
Pat Hendrixson

18 pts. - 36" spread - double shovels
Beth Pugh

My first antelope hunt ever.  This buck was taken in Unit 1 in Arizona on September 24, 2004.  I took this buck with my 25.06 at 280 yards. I had him scored and he made Broone and Crockett Records Book with a score of 83.
Jennifer Griggy

I took this nine point buck on Dec. 5, 2004 last day of gun season on our land in Ohio.
Brenda Valentine

Peabody is doing the best job in conservation that I've seen anywhere.  I also hunted their Colorado property last Sept. and took this great 6x6 elk. I highly recommend both of these hunting destinations.
Tanya Atatise

click here for info
Robs with granddaughter, Sydney Louise

and her first deer. A So Texas management 6pt taken on Jan. 08, 05. Taken at 55yds with her Rem. 218 Bee 46 gr. HP
Melissa Shinee

I'm 13 years-old from WI.  Last year ( 2004 ) I shot my very first doe with only one bullet at a running pace and it dropped dead. Me and My dad Mike were so happy about this doe. My dad says I did better than he did that year because he couldn't get anything.
Pat Hendrixson

Hawaiian Black Ram
4/23/05 horn spread 27-3/4"
Jackie Harker with Steven

Mule Deer - New Mexico - 2003
Jackie Harker

Whitetail Buck - Texas - 2004
Jackie Harker

Pronghorn - Wyoming Sep 2003
Marti Davis

of Willard, MO shot this 8-point buck in St. Clair County, Missouri. This buck came walking right down a trail @ 7:05am opening morning of rifle season.
Lisa Metheny
Hog 05
Lisa Metheny

Judy Pearson

Upstate New York

He is a 7 point, would have been an 8 point but he had one broken brow tine.  We were just ecstatic!!!!!  I have enclosed a few pictures of this huge bruiser!  He weighed 180 pounds.  I'm not sure what the spread was on him, but he is a beauty and I am having him mounted. I shot this deer with a Browning 7 mm 08 rifle, 140 grain ballistic tip bullet.
Judy Pearson

Upstate New York

close - up...
Pat Hendrixson

Jacob Ram, taken in Tennessee - 2004
Stacey Looney

Alabama, 2003
This picture is a 115 lb. doe I took on January 19, 2003 at 200 yards with my Savage 110 30-06 from a shooting house in Perry County, Alabama, where I am a member of the North Perry Timberland Hunting Club.
Stacey Looney

Picture 2 is of a 145 lb., 8 point Buck taken on Dec. 27, 2003 at 75 yards with the same gun. He was checking out a scent popper that I had placed out to lure in a buck. It is really hard to see all of his points but he does have 8 of them and his rack was rather tall. He was taken in a green field at the same club.
Pat Hendrixson

from Indiana with her blackbuck - taken in January, 2004 in South Texas.

Click here to read about her hunt.
Deanna Jones

Arizona, 2003
I took this nice buck the first day of modern gun season in AR.
Elaine King,
Casper Wyoming

This is my first deer - an eight point whitetail taken near Buffalo Wyoming, in November 2003 - using a Rugar 30.06.

I feel fortunate to have such beautiful trophies - having been seriously hunting for only a couple of years. I am truly hooked on hunting and we have already booked our 2004 trip to hunt caribou in Alaska. I have enjoyed this website very much. THANKS!
check out Elaine's book in store...
Judy (Snowbird)

click here to read her story
Tiffany Winkelmann
Tiffany Winkelmann
Lisa Derrickson

with her 2002 buck...
Way to go Lisa!!!
Sherrin Wattenbarger

Wild Russian Boar harvested in GA

click here to read article written by Sherrin
Danya Eason

from SC
Seven Point...

This is our daughter... We are so proud...
You go Girl!!! Love you!
and her recent 8 point
Brenda Valentine

with her Grandson Jake. He took his first deer on Thanksgiving during their traditional family deer hunt.
Janis Gendron

of Springfield with her cow elk in NM
Jackie Harker

I had a WONDERFUL time in New Mexico. What a beautiful place. It snowed every day.

I managed to get my cow elk with about 20 minutes left on my hunt. [I wanted to get my money's worth.]

Whew! I sure would have hated to fly home on Monday without getting one.
Lynn Olson

NW Montana
Linda Thompson

12 points, 16 1/2" inside spread, Longest tine, 11 inches Shot with a 270 Weatherby, 130 gr. balistic tip Shot at 30 yards, down wind (had Scent Loc clothing on) On 12-16-01