Buck Cage Scent Dispenser


NJ-Thumbnail Scent dispensers – Yup there’s tons of them in all shapes, sizes and prices. Good gravy if you pull them up on Amazon you get 100 results.  Well, the one I really like is:
Buck Cage – The Original Polymer Bead Scent Dispenser


Buck Cage is an easy way to dispense scent while out on your hunt. It is convenient, earth-friendly & biodegradable.  You can easily change your scent and it’s reusable. This scent dispenser is so easy; it’s a silicon cage that is easily cleaned and easy to mount out on your hunt.  It comes pre-loaded with polymer beads that slowly release the scent of your choice, has extra refill beads for changing your scent without making a mess and has a handy charging/storage container. 
Plus, it comes in Pink Camo for those who like something different.  They also have traditional Camo Green and Hunter Orange. 
Single packs are $12.99 and a Triple-Pack is $24.99.  They also have refill beads for $5.99.


I ordered directly from www.buckcage.com and found the company to be very quick with their shipping. 
It was great not to end up with scent all over me (I may have spilled once). And the storage container made it easy to carry it to my stand.  If you’re in the market for a scent dispenser Buck Cage is the way to go.