Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

When in the market to buy a new treestand, one could spend the better part of a day researching them. There are so many choices!! How can one pick the correct stand that will complement the hunter?

Of all the treestands out there that I have tried (and I have tried many, as I have many) I always go back to my Wedge-Loc. It is my go-to portable stand, used more than any of the others. Hands-down.

It was so difficult dealing with stands that needed to be hung by chains and straps when those chains and straps were already attached to the stand. When I was high up in a tree, this made them heavy to deal with, holding all that weight above my head.

When I discovered the Chippewa Wedge-Loc stands and how you put up the harness rigging first, then attach the stand, it made hanging a stand a breeze!! CWedgeLocBracket-a

There are six different sizes of stands available to suit your particular need.

I have the Super Ghost, which is one of the smaller sizes they offer (and great for women!!), and I also have the Brutus Maximus, which is their largest. GhostStandCWedgeLocGhost

I do a lot of metro bowhunting and I prefer to use the smallest Super Ghost stand in those hunts, as it is very light weight and will fit in just about any tree. The platform is just large enough for foot placement but you will not be doing a lot for dancing moves on it anyways.

With the larger Brutus Maximus, I have to be more selective with the tree, as the platform is very large and some smaller or lower multi-limbed trees are just not the right shape to handle this larger sized stand. It is heavier too, so keep that in mind.CWedgeLoc1






I love the additional foot rest and bow holder that one can purchase from the company also.

FootRest-a  BowHolder-a

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