Nikon Tactical Riflescope

"Why on Earth would you use a tactical sniper scope on a hunting rifle?", you ask. My reply is just as bold, "Why not?" This scope was designed with Nikons' most dependable optic available and is used by law enforcement to bring the unreachable into range despite wind, yardage, and elevation variables. With state of the art construction this type of scope, lacks nothing in performance extras and while there are more affordable scopes out there they can't even come close to Nikons parallax and 1/4 exact hand turn MOA adjustment on the target end of the hunt.

Nikon offers scopes with either Nikoplex and Milradian Reticles. I did some reading and discovered the difference between my Nikoplex and other types of Reticle model scopes. Some use dots at measured increments others use a single dot at the center and the there are many which use graduated lines which reach smaller proportion at the center crosshair. Most fixed lens reticles are printed upon the forward lens. Nikon differs from their competition by setting the reticle on the back lens so that in adjusting the front eyepiece there is no distortion of the reticle. The new Nikoplex is a wide crosshair with a thinner lined center cross that directs the eye naturally to the center of the target you are viewing.

The basic specifications, which explain the exact workings and terminology of the Nikon Tactical scope and how it works were described in the instructions that came with it. The information like how to focus and the proper eye alignment to avoid black out and how to make distance and elevation or windage adjustments which helped me make the necessary changes for aiming at different yardage targets.

At the range, I found the Reticle easy to see with a clear view of the target beyond. The Nikoplex was dead on at 50 yards without adjustment. Nikon suggests adjusting the Reticle based upon the target distance by adjusting the position in relation to the target or using the procedure for trajectory compensation. When I missed my spot of aim out at the 100-yard target, I needed only slight adjustments to bring the long yardage into bulls eye range. I missed the center of the target by 3 inches to the left and 5 inches above it. By adjusting 3 minutes of angle right and 5 minutes of angle down I found the true center of the target with these adjustments. It could not be easier to make these adjustments when you understand that the parallax setting at 100 yards for one minute of angle measures approximately one inch.

The precision of the Nikoplex design and Nikons' excellence in optic precision inside a 30 mm solid wall construction continues to focus without loss of attunement after all the timber busting outdoor handling that a hunt brings. In field testing it, I found this is one awesome piece of optic power that I look forward to using again and again.

Nikon Tactical TC 2.5 - 10 x 44 SF M Nikoplex Riflescope


  • Lifetime full warranty
  • Tactile handturn 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
  • Fully Multicoated lenses
  • Side focus parallax adjustment
  • One-piece heavy walled 30 mm main body tube
  • 100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof
  • Tough anodized black matte finish
  • Includes sunshade and Butler Creek flip-up scope covers


© November 2004