Gear Court: Crimson Trace… trace evidence you can rely on

There appears to be more than a trace of evidence that Crimson Trace has hit the target with their new laser grip for the Ruger LCP!
A while back I purchased the Ruger LCP 380 for my carry pistol.  When I saw that Crimson Trace came out with a new laser grip designed for my LCP, I couldn’t wait to pair them up.

The LG-431 laser grip has the front instinctive activation.  Meaning, when you grip the LCP normally, the laser will instantly be projected where you’re aiming.  This also makes this user-friendly for right- or left-handed shooters.

The laser grip is made from a rugged hard polymer with an ultra-compact 3.3mm diode.  This is a Class III(a) laser, which is the maximum output allowed by federal law and technology.  It has both windage and elevation adjustments and comes with a complete 3-year warranty.  The LG-431 operates on either two #357 silver oxide batteries or a single 1/3N 3 volt lithium battery.

The installation was very simple and took less than five minutes.  It came with the instructions and hex wrenches necessary to install and adjust the laser.  I spent less than 20 minutes getting the laser sighted in for myself.

I always shoot Winchester ammunition and was using their 380 target/range 95 grain full metal jacket ammunition for this review.