Konus M-30 Rifle Scope

While testing this scope we were looking at it from a varmint hunting perspective. The Konus M-30 met and exceeded our expectations. Relatively new on the American rifle scope market, the M-30 is an excellent choice for your hunting needs.

The M-30 series is designed with a glass engraved reticle system in which the reticle is laser-etched onto crystal clear precision glass rather than being a thin wire.  This eliminates the chances of becoming misaligned or breaking as is the case with other scopes.

With the 1/8 MOA locking adjustments there is less room for slipping and change.

Each scope has a built-in anti-canting bubble, and the one piece tube construction is waterproof and fogproof.

This new line of long-range scopes features an illuminated blue reticle, which can easily be viewed against any other color and is generally softer on the eye than red or green reticles. 

Each scope comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee and Konus has excellent customer service.

This scope is great for varmint hunting by the serious shooter who is after great ballistic accuracy.

Prices are reasonable, from $529 to $629.