Get Plastered!

by Janice Baer

For those hunting days when the temps are below freezing, and you know that sitting on stand for hours will be almost unbearable, do what I do to make your hunt more enjoyable… plaster yourself with heat packs!

The inventor of these dry chemical heat packs truly has come up with one of the best inventions ever! Especially for us gals, as we tend to get chilled before our male hunting buddies do. There’s nothing fun about trying to stay warm when you’re shaking with the chills.

Chemical toe warmers are made with adhesive on one side so they can stick to your socks. Because of the adhesive, I also use them on the areas of my body that tend to get chilled the quickest…For me that’s my knees, shoulders and sometimes my upper and lower back, besides my toes. I stick them on my base layer of clothing, or what I call my “long jans”. You’d never want to put them directly on your skin, as you really could get burned. I then put my next layer of clothes on before putting my outer wear on. I have even stuck them inside my cap to help my head stay warm! 

I could use the actual body warmers that are made for larger areas, but they are more expensive and I like to be creative and frugal.

I also keep a pair of hand warmers in my coat pockets. The hand warmers are free of adhesive so you can roll them around in your hands, which really feels good. They also get hotter than the toe warmers do and last longer too. Because of this, I often carry extra toe warmers in my backpack or coat pocket if I plan on being out all day. So if by mid-day my toe warmers begin to lose their heat, I just pull out the spares and reapply.


Toe warmers by Heat Factory last up to six hours and cost around a dollar for a pair, and their hand warmers last up to ten hours. I’ve discovered that if your heat warmers still hold heat when you’re finished hunting, put them in a Ziploc-type bag and they will hold their warmth to be reused the next day.

So whether you’re out deer hunting in late fall or winter; or hunting turkeys in early spring, don’t forget to get plastered! Plastered with heat warmers, that is.

Heat warmers can be found at various sporting goods stores.

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