Where in the World?


Have you ever wondered where in the world people are from that visit WomenHunters? Well we did, so we checked and the results are a little surprising!

If your guess for top spot is the USA, you'd be right.

If your guess for second place was Canada, you might be surprised to know that it is not, (it's third place) but rather Israel is! They are followed by Viet Nam, China and France. Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine follow with Russia coming in tenth place.

These are the stats so far for February.


How about what day of week do most viewers check up on us? The answer to that would be Monday!

Between 2 pm - 9 pm our readership spikes. (2 & 3 pm has the highest traffic.)

We'll keep our eyes opened to see if any other countries can break into the top ten. Good luck!