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  • Get a WomenHunters™ camo hat.


  • A voice where you can submit an article about YOUR hunt.
    Promote and have an ally in an organization that supports women who hunt.
    A facebook forum where YOUR article link will be shared.
    Get in touch with your states' regional director about shoots and shows in your area or support them yourself and become a regional director for your state. Free WomenHunters™ patch and chevron included!
    Support a womens website with articles that are about and for women hunting.
    Get 20% off any advertisement for your business.




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 3 Year Membership - Only $50 !!!

Three-year membership includes
all of the benefits listed at left, 
including a camo Womenhunters™ embroidered
(NOT just printed) hat.

And yes, you still get the bumper sticker  

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    • Club Membership Card
    • Invitations for any special offers or hunts that WH receives
    • WomenHunters™ car bumper sticker decal (1)

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