Jennings CK 3.5

Jennings… The legendary name behind the compound bow back in the 60’s is still today at the forefront of new and innovating technology. Thanks to the original, Tom Jennings.

According to the company, Jennings Archery’s new line of bows have Carbon Kinetic chamber limbs and carbon fiber construction, hence the moniker “CK”.  These patented, compression-molded limbs are short, powerful and resistant to torque. The carbon chamber stores greater energy within a patented carbon fiber design, producing better performance, superior durability and overall increased kinetic energy to the core of the bow. The Carbon Kinetic chamber limbs also balance the stress ensuring continuous cross-sectional stability. In addition, the limbs are anchored in a polyurethane, zero tolerance pocket in precision-machined aluminum limb cups to help prevent any movement or noise, enhancing performance further.

The carbon fiber limb design, seen in the ellipse on each bow limb, incorporates multiple layers of carbon fiber for enduring strength. This carbon fiber design, once found only in high-performance jets and race cars, now is the signature feature for the Jennings CK bows.

There are several models of CK’s to choose from; the 3.3; the 3.4R;the 3.5 and the 4.0

The bow I tested was the CK 3.5.

My first glimpse of this bow as I took it out of the box, completely took me by surprise. Oh what a beautiful bow it is! With the deep blue and chrome color along side the Realtree Hardwoods camo, I was reminded of a sleek and hot racing car. (I can dream, can’t I?) This bow will not only look hot in your hands, but out on the archery range too! I couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s touted as a perfect hunting bow, but as of yet, I’ve only had the opportunity to shoot it on the range.

My bow was set at 47# with a draw length of 25”, which is achieved with the help of an optional module when having a shorter draw length. I added a QAD Ultimate Twister arrow rest and a Hind Sight sight to this set-up. I also used Easton Axis arrows. This bow shot dead on with minimal tweaking and was so accurate my tall right-handed husband tried this short left-handed bow and shot it just as well as if it were outfitted exclusively for him. We were impressed. Tom Jennings has a good bow line here.

I also loved the wood grain coloring of the two-piece wood plates on the grip, and found it narrow enough to fit the average sized woman’s hand, which is a plus for not only small framed women, but youth as well. The down side is that the grip is a good deal metal, and being that I am from cold country (Minnesota), I had wrapped mine in a LimbSaver® Insulator Wrap and found it to be the perfect compliment for keeping my hand the most comfortable (and warm) that it could be.

The CK 3.5 bow was also voted as “Best Buy Honorable Mention” in 2004 by Inside Archery Magazine, the archery industry's leading trade magazine.

The cable guard is a unique feature that sports a SwingArm with Shock Stop but also includes upper high-mount 3/8" carbon rod. The Shock Stop Slide has a unique bumper pad to stop all after-the-shot vibration.

I like the fact that they use Sims vibration suppressors to help cut down on bow noise and vibration, as they are a leading company in the technology of vibration and noise reduction in both archery and gun equipment.

Specs on the CK 3.5:

  • The CK 3.5 is a one cam, short 35” axle to axle bow, a perfect size for women and youth.
  • Draw weights come in 40-50# · 50-60# · 60-70# increments.
  • Draw lengths are: 27", 28", and 29"  Optional modules allow draw length adjustment from 24" to 31"
  • Brace height is 7.5”
  • Bow weight: 3.9 lbs.

More info on the Jennings bow lines:

Jennings CK bows are energized by Carbon Kinetic chamber limbs, balanced TechTwist™ string, factory-installed speed buttons and machined Perimeter Weighted Modular OneCam. Power modules for the OneCam are pre-set to individual draw length, preferred draw weight and let-off. The Perimeter Weighted OneCam does the job one-and-a-half or two cams normally do on other bows, without timing problems.

The optional Rock Stop™ Module with a 70% let-off Perimeter Weighted OneCam provides a solid draw stop. When the bow is drawn past the anchor, it works against the archer's shooting system, increasing variability and friction. The Rock Stop Module prevents "drawing up the valley."

Technological advances and innovative design have made Jennings bows more efficient and comfortable than ever, while still offering outstanding trophy performance. The patented, micro-adjustable SwingArm Cable Guard is now redesigned with reduced weight and perfected further for drop-away arrow rests. The SwingArm micro-adjustment feature positions cables at exactly the correct distance from the arrow's speeding vanes to prevent them from interfering with arrow flight.

The Shock Stop absorbs the shock of a shot by arresting the forward momentum of the string. The Shock Stop eliminates noise and harmful vibrations, helping reduce breakage and weardown on the bow, as well as the human body.

Jennings CK 4.0 and 3.5 bows include the Shock Stop on the cable guard of the bow. One of two styles can be chosen, but both are included, either the Generation 3 SwingArm Cable Guard or the standard upper high-mount 3/8" carbon rod.

CK 4.0 and 3.5 bows also use Sims LimbSaver™ technology inset into high-gauge aluminum risers to help cancel vibration and noise escaping the Shock Stop and help minimize bow kick. Utilizing the Shock Stop and the Sims LimbSaver vibration suppressors, Jennings CK 4.0 and 3.5 bows are the ultimate performance bows.

Jennings bows are available exclusively in Custom Realtree® Hardwoods multi-dimension, multi-color pattern camo design, requested by high-tech hunters wanting to be virtually invisible. The dipped finish is extremely durable compared to painted bows. And, the Jennings signature blue-accented brushed titanium hardware is unique to every Jennings bow. Jennings bows are designed for discriminating bowhunters.

All Jennings bows carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Original owners can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-866-556-2754 and a friendly representative will help you in a professional and timely manner.

All in all, there are a lot of good bows out there and Jennings line of CK bows should be right up with the rest of them.

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