Winchester, an English Setter is just above the tree line

Winchester is far above the tree line in Alaska- searching

for the white tail ptarmigan.


Parker, an orange and white English Setter with Christine

make their way up to where Winchester has pointed 

the ptarmigan in the rocks above.

Parker struggles to cross the mountain creek. The terrain

is similar to sheep hunting and footwear is a compromise

between water resistance and hiking ability.

Winchester on point at 3600 ft, 600 ft above where the

hunters were on the trail below. He holds point for 20 minutes

while Christine and Parker make it to him.

Winchester picks up a white tail and then points another as my

hunting partner takes aim.


Winchester rolling in the lichen while his hunting partners

take a break.


Winchester working the high country-a phenomenal display

of athleticism and prey drive.


A beautiful dog, bird and country


A woman's best friends