Forms, Registries and Fees

By Laura Bell

Staff Writer



So, your female dog has just been bred and
now you have approximately 63 days before a litter of pups arrives. First,
enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts! Second, let’s discuss how much money
you’ve invested into a “potential” litter, as there’s no guarantee that your
female will have puppies.

Costs to consider:

Stud Fee: This varies and ranges from 1st
pick of the litter, free, to hundreds of dollars. But, ultimately, it depends
on the owner or the stud dog.

Taking off work: You can’t pick when your
female will need bred. Depending on how far you live from the stud dog, you may
have to take off work. Even if you think your female will be ready to breed on
such a day, she may not stand right away for a strange dog, in a strange place.
Or, the stud dog may not take immediate interest in the female or cannot
perform on such a day. So you may be stuck for another day or two until the
actual breeding takes place. Sometimes, more than one breeding is needed and,
typically, vets say to wait 24hrs between breeding’s. So there’s at least 1-2
days off work to factor in. Plus, if you must stay the night, factor in a hotel
cost and food.

Gas: Depending on how far you live from the
stud dog and what type of vehicle you drive is also a factor to adding the cost
of raising a litter.

DNA: Some dog registries require you to have
your dog’s DNA on record before they will let you register the litter. Fees
averagely range from $40-$50. Plus, a small fee for another registries to
recognize it.

Now the tricky ones –

How much did it cost you to raise your
female and earn titles on her? Some factor this in, others do not. I chose not
to, because I feel that this is just a part of owning a dog.

Dog Food: Again, this varies depending on
what kind of dog food you feed and how much, but it should be factored in. When
your female hits about week 4 of her pregnancy, watch your dog food bill start
sky rocketing!

These are approximate costs I incurred while
breeding Tanner.

Stud Fee: $300

Taking off work: $0. I was able to swap
shifts and thankfully Tanner was bred on the day I took her to the stud dog.

Gas: $40. The stud was 3 hours away and the
vehicle driven was a Ford F-150.

DNA: $40.

Dog Food: I feed a mix of Purina Dog Chow
($23 per 50lbs)/Purina Puppy Chow $20 per 37.5lbs), however it was free fed to
Tanner and 3 other dogs within the household. With no set amount, I just added
both costs of one bag of food per month, for a total of $43. Times that by two
(dogs are pregnant for about 2-months) and the cost would equal $86.

Grand Total = $466

And, we’re not even sure we’ll get puppies
yet. PLUS, once the litter arrives, there will be even more costs to register
the litter, shots, wormer, food, etc. We’ll cover those costs once the puppies

If you would like to take a look at some of
the forms and fees, as well as a huge variety of dog registry information, I
highly encourage you to check out –

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