A sturdy handle with a pop-out hanger hook is easy to hang on a tree or blind. With its fully waterproof capability, you don’t

have to worry during the rain or if it falls in the water.



I can personally relate to the waterproof issue. I was ice fishing and my propanelight fell over into the waterhole. The steam was so intense that it melted a hole in my canvas pop up. When I picked the hot light out of the water, it melted a portion of the sleeve of my
coveralls. That ruined those coveralls. So having a battery powered lamp would prevent all these calamities.

The width of the glow radius is 30ft, plenty of light for the campsite. A single globe light is plenty of light and that lasts 350hrs or 14 ½ days if used for 24hours each day. If you need the double globe then you still have 175 hours it would last 7 ½ days if used for 24hours.


I hunt with a travel trailer off the grid and instead of using the trailer lights powered by the battery being charged by a generator, I could use this lamp for many days without thinking about changing batteries.


In a 20ft trailer, you would only need one globe for about 4-5 hours at night.





Considering 4 hours of use per night you could go for 58 days without changing batteries. That’s quite a good deal for the cheap cost
of 4 D batteries. The Lantern comes in green color, plastic for $50.

The Dorcy lamp is warrantied for 1 year by Dorcy International, Columbus Ohio 43217

Dorcy has many other lighted products such as headlamps and flashlights. Go to

Dorcy lamps and light products are available at all major sporting or department stores.