There are also a lot to look for in a blind, from adjustable windows, how heavy the blind is, to what material the blind is made of. When looking for a blind look for one that is durable, user friendly and one that you can carry into your secret hunting spot.

Starting with roll-ups, Ameristep offers what is called 3-d Spur ground blind, it rolls out to be 96” long and 27” high. It comes with stakes and high wind tie downs that only weights 2 pounds. These rollup ground blinds offers a hunter a chance to set up in difficult areas like hills and areas with a lot of trees and brush where a pop-up blind doesn’t work. They also are light and easily brushed in with small branches. If I happen to use one of these I take my tri-stool from my pop-up blind and set it up next to a tree and brush it in with either tree branches or bushes to make it blend in with the surroundings.

Ameristep have a lot of larger blinds to choose from. Like the Outhouse, to the Doghouse, to the Bone Collector and the Posse Blind. Some of these come with Spider Hub technology and with practice you can set them up in a few seconds. These blinds have weather protection and are made with Durashell water resistant nylon shell. These blinds start at 9 pounds up to 22 pounds.


When looking for a pop-up blind take into consideration what type of weapon you are going to use. If it is archery look at the height of the blind so when pulling back on the bow you are not hitting the ceiling with the bow or the inside diameter is big enough so when you draw back your bow the arrow clears the wall of your blind. Also are the windows low enough for your arrow to clear the wall? Every time I start my hunt I nock an arrow, draw back and look to see that my arrow will clear the frame of the window. If it is with a shotgun or rifle that is a little easier to use in a blind, make sure you have a shooting stick along.

 Another thing that I do is to brush the blind in with branches, brush or even grass. Deer have very keen eye sight and a lot of times they know that the blind doesn’t belong there.

So what ever blind you decided make sure it is the one for you. Make sure you always carry a camera for those special rare pictures and have fun hunting.