Went out on solo hunt, not expecting much because it was pretty windy, but I figured I'm not going to
see anything sitting at home. I bundled up and headed to a stand that we have
tucked in the woods to try to stay out of the wind. I got situated and my wait
began. You know it's breezy when a double ladder stand moves with the wind.
Pretty soon it began to drizzle. Ok, no big deal; I pulled my hood up to
stay dry.  I caught movement from one of the trails and a smaller doe was
coming in. Behind her was a nice doe about 30 yards, but facing directly at me.
I was waiting for her to turn but she was super cautious and soon stomped her
front foot, turned, and headed back to the woods. I told myself "It's ok.
It's still early." The rain quit for a few minutes and soon the younger
deer came back out. She ran around the food plot before heading back into the
woods; it was fun to watch her. 


The rain started again (along with the wind) and I began to have my doubts. Soon I heard something
behind me so I slowly turned to see several turkeys. They seemed not impressed with
the wind. The rain ceased and I watched the turkeys scratch - it was pretty cool
to hear them yelp and purr as they walked directly under me! I caught movement
to my left and the young doe was back - I kept waiting for the bigger deer to
commit to the food plot as well. Nope, she was smarter than that - she hung out
in the brush and slowly made her way across from me, just out of range. I
could've taken the younger doe several different times but with only 1 tag I
really wanted a mature deer. I watched both deer head farther out of the woods
and as it began to rain, again, but this time pretty hard, I wondered with the
deer being spooked by the wind if I should call it a night. Nah, I've sat this
long, what's another hour?  


I strained my ears and heard a faint grunting. I continued to listen - yep, that's a buck. I scanned
the woods and caught movement. A young buck was chasing a nice doe. They were
staying just within the brush but were heading to my left - my hopes were
lifted as they were coming into the food plot. I caught more movement my right
- holy buckets 3 more deer were coming.  I raised my binoculars and saw
that one was a really nice doe. They slowly made their way into the food plot.
I was locked onto the big doe. At 30 yards, I drew my bow. I had so many
clothes on (I like to stay warm) that I fuddled with my anchor point. I started
to panic but had to tell myself "Stop - relax - you have this". The
doe took a couple more steps and stopped at roughly 35 yards. I took a breath,
calmed down, anchored, found my mark and let the arrow rip. Thwack! I was so


I texted my husband, Darrell, to tell him I shot a nice doe; he quickly replied "I'm on my
way".   He was quite a few miles away, so I knew it would be a while
before he'd get there.  I couldn't take it anymore, so I quietly got down
and found my arrow. It was a pretty red! I slowly began to track the blood -
because the ground & leaves were wet, I wanted to take my time. I followed
the trail - at about 50 yards, there she was. I was so thankful for a clean
shot & quick kill and I had a beautiful doe on the ground!