Gail Wynne's Bio

I was raised in New Jersey, spent most of my life after 17yrs. of age in Tampa, FL where I was a Christian school teacher for many years, and finally moved “home” to the mountains of western North Carolina in 1993. My husband, Les, and I live with and our 2 labs, Hunter & Toby. Our daughter has given us 3 grandsons, as well as a son-in-law.

Les and I were competitive archers in Florida, but there was no local place to buy any target archery supplies in the mountains, so in 1994 we opened Right-On-Target Family Archery Pro Shop and Ranges. Most of our customers were hunters, and my husband was raised small game hunting, so outside of dove hunting a few times in the 70’s, I really began hunting in 1994 for business reasons and to have something to share with Les. It is hard enough for men to let a women fix their bow or teach them how to shoot better, that I at least needed to be a “hunter” for more credibility.(Now several of them request that I work on their equipment). It didn’t take long for me to be hooked. My first couple sessions in the woods waiting for deer weren’t fruitful, so my first harvests were exotics on hunting ranches. This was a good place to start, as exotics are not as elusive as deer, and being quite nervous about taking that first bow kill anyway, it was easier and a good learning experience.

At that time it was very hard to find equipment that fit women. I’m glad to say that has changed except for the clothing aspect of it. I want to be involved in farther changes for women in hunting, as women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting population.

I still shoot competition, but mostly 3-D and Indoor NFAA these days. I attend most of the ASA tournaments, where I have been fortunate enough to place in the top 10 many times. I hold the NFAA State Indoor Championship title six times, and the 2004 ASA champion in women’s open class

I hunt with compound bow, rifle, and shotgun, but archery is my passion. I now love to introduce women and children to the sport. I have the opportunity to work with many scouts, 4-H, and school groups.

For me there is nothing like those quiet mornings in the woods, alone with God. I appreciate so much all He has created and the beauty of His woods and the wildlife.

It is an honor to be associated with a group like Women Hunters, helping to bring women into new life changing experiences.


  • BowTech Pro Staff
  • Swarovski Optiks Pro Staff
  • TRU Ball Releases
  • Axcel Sights
  • Viper Sights
  • Coffey Marketing
  • BCY Fibers
  • Harmon Scents Pro staff

Instructor Certifications through:

  • NFAA Master Coach
  • NAA, PSE, - instructor
  • Easton Archery University certified arrowsmith



  • National Rifle Assn,
  • National Field Archery Assn,
  • National Archery Assn,
  • Archery Shooter’s Assn,
  • Archery Trade Association (AMO)


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