Linda Burch New Executive Director - WomenHunters

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Linda Burch New Executive Director - WomenHunters

Contact: Janice Baer
October 9, 2007
Phone: 763-442-1413
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Sue Burch, founder and to date Executive Director of WomenHunters, together with the WomenHunters Board of Directors, is proud to announce the appointment of Linda Kistler Burch as the new Executive Director of WomenHunters, effective immediately. 

Sue Burch founded the WomenHunters organization in 2000 and saw it through the process of becoming a nonprofit organization three years ago.  Linda Burch, no relation, was one of the original writers for WomenHunters and was instrumental in helping obtain the non-profit status for the organization.  Linda has been a significant contributing writer, serves on the ProStaff, has helped WomenHunters at the ATA show for a number of years, Board member, and has served as President since January 1, 2007.  Sue Burch's  health problems prevent her from continuing at the current level with the many and varied duties she has performed  as Executive Director.  She will continue on as Director Advisor and Founder, as well as being integral to the continuation of the dynamics of the organization and the web site.

Stepping in to finish Linda's two-year term as President is WomenHunters current ProStaff Director, Alyssa Haukom.  Alyssa has also been actively involved with the organization since its beginnings, attending ATA shows, serving as Pro Staff, writing, and previously serving on the Board as VP Communications. She will continue as ProStaff Director for the time being.

"We are excited about helping Sue, and excited about our plans for the future", said Linda Burch. "The Board of Directors and I have many goals and dreams for the future, besides carrying on the goals and dreams of our founder, Sue Burch.  Many of these future plans will be announced at the start of 2008 and at the annual ATA Show in January 2008".

The WomenHunters Leadership Team for 2007 is as follows:

WomenHunters Board of Directors

  • Linda K Burch, Executive Director
  • Sue Burch, Director Advisor and Founder
  • President - Alyssa Haukom
  • VP Communications - Claudia Eisenmann
  • VP Public Relations - Michele Leqve
  • VP Operations - Beth Ann Amico
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Janice Baer

General Board Members

  • Lisa Metheny
  • Heidi Strosahl
  • Andrea Johnson


  • ProStaff Coordinator/ProStaff - Alyssa Haukom
  • Linda Thompson
  • Linda K Burch
  • Beth Ann Amico
  • Claudia Eisenmann
  • Lynne Frady
  • Lisa Metheny
  • Michele Leqve

Field Staff

  • Field Staff Coordinator/Field Staff  -  Janice Baer
  • Kimberly Kanapeckas
  • Kathleen Kalina
  • Brianne Wood
  • Ann Horsmann


  • Newsletter Editor -Andrea Johnson
  • Web Site Editor - Sheila Ogle