Rinehart’s 3-D Broadhead Deer Target

Rinehart – A name fast becoming known as the best target company on the market, and truly my favorite.

Most of the year I practice shooting into a Rhino Block target from Rinehart, but come the month of August, it’s the deer target that gets most of my shooting action, in preparation for the September archery deer opener.

What I really like about the 3-D Broadhead Deer is the fact that on the “reverse” side of the foam core vitals area, is a deer’s correct anatomy. This is a great tool for showing shot placement to beginners (and veterans alike). It’s also great for seeing exactly where your steeply pitched, quartering away shot from a treestand took its course.

If you look closely enough, on the “front” side of the deer you can make out its bone structure. It’s nothing blaringly obvious, but subtly shows up when up-close.

Just like all Rinehart targets, it is easy to pull arrows from, and is made with long lasting foam.

It’ll handle broadheads just as well as your field tipped arrows. Rinehart also uses foam inserts so when the vitals of your animal have finally taken as many shots as they possibly can, just replace it with a new core. You won’t need to replace the whole deer, so this will save you money in the long run.

The Broadhead Deer comes in at a height of 17" and is 45" in length.

Just one look at Rinehart’s web site and you can see that founder John Rinehart has a sense of humor. Check out some of the other R100 targets and you might get a chuckle out of: the boxing kangaroo, the 13-ft tall alien, a shark entitled “Jaws”, a pink flamingo or even, get this, a toilet and toilet paper target!

A favorite of our local archery shop is the beautiful white wolf target.  Another is the cheetah where it becomes quite challenging to “pick a spot”. (Which “spot??”)

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