Rhino Block from Rinehart Targets

When I first saw the Rhino Block from Rinehart Targets, I thought it would perform like any other target on the market. Wrong!! This cube-shaped target that looks like dice, will really surprise you! I have to say, after shooting into various targets of different brands, makes and models; I will probably never practice on any other target other than the Rhino Block again. Why? Because this is the smoothest target to ever pull arrows out of! I’m talking Effortless with a capital E.


After many days of rain, I made a trip to my local outdoor archery range for an afternoon of some shooting. I decided to take the Rhino Block with me, knowing the wet hay bales at the range could make for some difficult pulling, which it did.

I needed both hands and a whole lot of body movement (and a few unintended vocalized grunts) to get the arrows out of the hay bale.

Now it was time to switch targets! I began shooting into the Rhino Block. I shot 12 arrows pretty much on top of each other and I had no problem pulling each and every one of them out with just one hand. I was impressed!

Another trip to an archery range with my husband, had the same sentiment… "This target is cool! It’s so easy to pull out the arrows! ", he said. And he doesn’t get excited very easy! Hence forth, this target will be accompanying me on all my shooting sprees!

 Here’s the low-down on the Rinehart Rhino Block:

  • This target has six sides and 12 forty-five degree edges with varying sized shooting spots on it.
  • It also has a carry handle of nylon rope so you can transport it easily.
  • Another feature of this target is that you can shoot not only field points, but also any broadhead into it and you’ll have no problem pulling them out. Nada.
  • You’ll also never be able to shoot an arrow completely through the cube, so nothing behind your target will ever come in contact with the sharp end of your shaft.
  • The Rhino Block has been tested with over 1,500 broadhead shots in it and it is still accepting arrows as the test continues! That’s not going to happen with other targets. You’d need to replace the core much sooner than that, several times perhaps, at a much greater expense to you in the long run.
  • This 17" x 17" x 17" target retails for just under $100.00. A bit pricey you say? Well this is where the saying, "You get what you pay for", rings true.

This block may be the last target you’ll ever have to buy!

Shoot straight and shoot often.

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