Bunny Buster

There I was, sitting at the dining room table, staring out the window, when I spied me a rabbit. He was staring at MY garden like it was a salad bar at a local buffet. NO one violates my garden and gets away with it!

I immediately grabbed my bow and went into stealth mode. I would handle this one Judy Kovar style... Stalk it.

I checked for wind direction, it was at my back and it was my own.  (Excuse me!)
I tip-toed around the garage in my Baer Feet (Hahahaha! Get the connection?) and peered around the corner and there he was... filling his plate again!

I carefully made some split-second calculations as to arrow weight, arrow balance, kinetic energy in foot pounds, the trajectory of the arrow to the intended target, the relation of the sun to my current position;is my bubble level centered? Is the rabbit rut in full swing? (It always seems to be!) Am I missing yet another episode of The Red Green Show?

When these extremely important matters were resolved, I clipped on my mechanical release, drew my rubber bunny blugeon blunt on my Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrow, put nose to the Fast Flight and my eye on the rabbit. Yep. He was gonna be MY dinner now!
He stared at me dumbfoundly and I stared back at him the same. For a moment, I felt a kinship with this dumb bunny... but not for long. My tummy got the best of me and my hunter instincts took over.

I let the string go and the arrow flew fast and it flew good. It flew just like I knew it would. (I wax poetic at the most ungodly times.) It hit its mark and down it went, right in the greens he was munching on. (I knew my arrow would have no problem connecting with that rabbit, for I had practiced that shot many times before… on my kids’ stuffed animals that I had thrown around our backyard as “bunny” targets. Shhhhhh, Don’t tell them that. It’ll be OUR little secret.)

Tonight for dinner I will have Shish-ka-bunny with a salad on the side. If there's any left over, ya want some? :-)

© April 2008