Somewhere Else

I may be at my job during my regular work hours, but I’m only physically there.

In my mind, I’m Somewhere Else.

I may be at the grocery store picking out the best fruit and veggies to buy, but in my mind, I’m Somewhere Else picking out the best tree to hang a stand in.

I may be hanging clean clothes out to dry on the clothesline, but in my mind I’m Somewhere Else, hanging my freshly killed deer on the meat pole.

I’m often Somewhere Else and Somewhere Else can be any number of places.

It could be on my uncle’s land up north, a favorite ranch in Wyoming, a cousin’s farmland or some made-up place that I’ve never been to, except for in my mind. Of course, Somewhere Else is always about the hunt. Preparing for it. Packing for it. Setting up equipment for it.

Suiting up for it and just plain hunting it!

When I’m out hunting, Somewhere Else is like no other place. Whether you’re there alone or share it with a friend or family member, Somewhere Else is the place to be.

And even when I’m having the best of time hunting in Somewhere Else, I’m probably thinking about hunting, you guessed it… Somewhere Else.