The Perfect Valentine’s Day

From the first mail-posted Valentine on record in 1806, to today’s e-mailed expressions of love, Valentine’s Day is a holiday designed to make our loved ones feel special. Every Valentine’s Day, over 1.1 billion boxes of chocolates are sold in the U.S. and 189 million red roses.  Chocolates, flowers, or dinner out on the town are all appreciated, but not exactly creative.  The purpose of February 14th is to show that someone special that they are just that… special.  So why not put a little extra thought into your next Valentine’s Day purchase?

Two years ago, I received what I would call one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts ever.  Being an avid bowhunter and lover of the outdoors, I had been mentioning that I would someday love a teepee in my backyard.  An authentic, tepee made of hide, unlike the synthetic kinds I’ve seen.  We didn’t have a very good spot in our backyard at that time, but I was just dreaming out loud.  The morning of Valentine’s Day I was presented with a large, black garbage bag neatly tied with a pink ribbon.  Inside the bag was a huge buffalo hide.  “It’s to place on the floor of your tepee someday!” my husband exclaimed.  I loved it and was so impressed by the thoughtfulness.

This year’s thoughtfulness topped the charts.  I’ve recently begun painting skulls as a hobby.  After seeing a ram skull painted in Native American design, I started painting the deer skulls I’ve collected over the years from shed hunting.   It turns out that Ebay is a great place to buy skulls too, from African blesbok to buffalo and mule deer skulls.  My husband overheard me talking about a unique non-typical ram skull that I fell in love with.  I thought it was too expensive for my taste but the skull was definitely one of a kind.  Valentine’s Day came early this year when he announced that he was the bidder that “won” that amazing ram skull.

When I tell people that I’ve received a buffalo hide and Non-typical ram skull for my last two Valentine’s Day presents most have a look of confusion.   I explain the thoughtfulness and attention that went into the gifts, and they then understand.  The meaning of Valentine’s Day is to show someone that they are special to you.   Ask yourself, “What is my loved one all about?”  “What makes them unique?”  If you give a gift that relates to those questions, you can’t go wrong.