A wonderful “hunting” video has come along that I need to share with everyone.

It’s unlike any hunting video I’ve ever seen. When I was only half way through viewing it for the first time, I KNEW that I had to write about this video. “Primal Dreams” will appeal to the non-hunter just as much as to the hard-core hunter. What makes it different from other hunting videos is that they portray it from the standpoint of why we hunt.

Primal Dreams is a great tool to actually open dialog with non-hunters, as the main focus is not the kill, but the experiences we encounter while out in the woods.

It’s also very appealing to women, whether they hunt or not. (It caters to our emotional senses.)

“Hunting is much more than killing. It’s human beings absorbed by God’s creation.”

“Why we hunt is more important than when, where or how. Hunting for the right reasons is more vital than the act itself. It defines our level of passion, our future, our very existence.”

From the opening scene of a full moon viewed through leafless trees, and the sound of a barred owl accompanied by an elks’ bugle; to a whitetail buck in full velvet and a majestic elk coming closer, you know this is the start of our shared hunting dreams.

The photography is exceptional and takes us to amazing and pristine vistas from Alaska and Alberta, Colorado and Texas, and many points between. The wildlife captured on film is awesome; the music Beautiful with a capital B, and the calm and gentle inspirational reading from Gene Wensel is nothing short of superb. I both smiled and had tears, taking in all that my ears and eyes could absorb.

We are introduced to the Mitten brothers, David, Mike and Mark, as well as everyone’s favorite hunting twins, Gene and Barry Wensel.

This wondrous journey begins in the springtime when turkeys are in full regalia strutting for the unseen hunter who’s waiting with arrow nocked. We are shown the arrows that miss their mark, just as we watch those that hit dead-on.

We fly with the hunters over Alaska by bush plane, where we witness grizzlies, black and brown bear, moose and Big Horn sheep. We feel like we’re there too. Oh how we wish we were really!

“When we can no longer draw bows, when sinew has shrunk and bone gone brittle, we will hunt in our dreams because hunting is part of our souls.”

Summertime comes with antlers of velvet and young fawns with spots, and the hunter keeping an ever-watchful eye on the fields of green, in preparation of his autumn hunt. We are shown some magnificent bucks that we can only hope that any one of these hunters will harvest.

Autumn comes and along with it, the rut of the moose, the call of the elk, the sparring of whitetail bucks and, the hunt. We feel like we are there or at least in our dreams.

“Because of our deep personal interest in wildlife, hunters have paved the way for intelligent wildlife management, in both conservation and preservation”

“The great hunt may not be measured in game harvested. It often results from the peace and tranquility of sitting motionless feeling no more than the wind in your face and seeing nothing but autumn leaves drifting to the earth.”

We are privileged to see the very bucks of summertime, be harvested in the fall.

The late season brings us back to the fields, where wildlife gathers to find food from the harshness of winter. A coyote is harvested. Shed antlers are gathered from the snows’ encasement.

“Hunting is not a sport. It’s a basic human instinct no different than eating, breathing, sleeping or reproducing. Hunters function on instinct. They quietly follow their hearts in a complex form of tracking. We’re all brothers. What we look like and carry in our hands might be different, but what we carry in our hearts is solid proof that we are in fact family.”


Primal Dreams won the 2005 Telly Awards for local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, which triumphed over a pool of 12,000 other applicants from five different continents.

Primal Dreams took:
1st Place for Cinematograhy/Videography,
2nd Place for Editing and
2nd Place for Use of Music
That’s quite an accomplishment!

The Illinois House of Representatives has also recognized and commended the Wensel and Mitten brothers of Wensel/Mitten Productions for the film, which, “truly exemplifies the passion and excitement of the hunt.” Adopted by the House of Representatives on March 29, 2006.

I’ve watched this film several times in the short time that I’ve owned it. It was enjoyed not only by my family, but my friends and friends of my kids too.

Won’t you reserve space on your shelf for Primal Dreams? You’ll be glad you did.

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Shoot straight, shoot often, and may all your arrows fly true.


© August 2006