Fishgillz Sunglasses

A new product just making its debut recently, I’ve discovered a great accessory for all kinds of fishing, boating and water sports – Fishgillz floating and polarized sunglasses.

Since I started bowfishing several years ago, I’ve searched for polarized sunglasses that float, and yes, I’ve found quite a few; bulky framed, heavily padded, oversized sunglasses that looked ridiculous and were definitely not what I wanted to be seen wearing! But Fishgillz sunglasses immediately caught my eye with their sporty wrap-around styling coupled with features tailored for the outdoor water enthusiast; a trim frame weighing in at just ½ ounce, polycarbonate lens technology that blocks harmful UV rays and cuts the intense glare on the water’s surface and glasses with the ability to float if dropped in the water. I’ve lost a couple of expensive pairs of polarized sunglasses that sunk to the bottom so fast I was unable to recover them, making Fishgillz floating sunglasses very attractive.

When I look for new sport sunglasses, I have three criteria: one; I want a pair that are comfortable and look good on me, style is important. Two; I want a pair that works for me—and I mean “works” as in “performs” sunglasses that function as designed. Three; I want affordable gear that will last. Fishgillz was the answer for me. I liked the way they looked on me, liked the “Spotter Plus Lens technology” that’s extremely effective in filtering light reflecting off the water’s surface, and appreciated the fact that they float. Polarized sunglasses are essential for bowfishing and fishing since they allow you to see under the water’s surface, but the polarized lenses also eliminate day-long squinting when boating or paddling. I enjoy bowfishing, fishing, water skiing, boating, and kayaking and generally enjoy spending long days on the water during the warmer months, so I appreciate a pair of sunglasses that enables me to do so in comfort, and aids in my success when bowfishing or fishing.

At under $50 a pair including padded, floating case, they’re offered in either black or tortoise frames with bronze or smoke lenses and either black or high-visibility orange tips. You ought to give them a try yourself if you’re a water baby. I think you’ll find them ideal for a variety of water activities, and stylish enough to feel comfortable wearing them off the water as well.

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