Sportz Full Size SUV Tent by Napier Enterprises

Napier Enterprises has over a decade of experience in the outdoors and automotive industry with their signature brand, Sportz by Napier.

The Sportz name is recognized by many outdoor, camping and automotive aftermarket retailers across the United States and Canada as the innovator and leader in truck tents.

These tents are designed to fit all full and mid size SUV's, minivans and trucks with caps. Now you can sleep anywhere your truck will take you!

Have a friend help set up this tent, it’s easy with two. Once we had ours all set up, we had plenty of room for sleeping bags, clothing and other necessities, and still have room to move around unencumbered. We set up another sleeping bag in the back of the SUV and could crawl from one "room" to the other for even more space.

It did rain a few days while we were using the tent and it became a good test to its water repellancy . It past the test! Napier does recommended that if you want to be extra sure your tent stays dry, you could apply a seam sealer to all seams. This will provide for added water resistance.

Taking the tent down after use was just as easy as putting it up. For a unique tent, I’d recommend this Sportz Tent by Napier.

Features of this tent Include:

  • 10'w x 10'l x 8'h tent sleeps 6
  • 6' awning/rainfly that extends out over the windows to facilitate ventilation.
  • 2 big zippered doors
  • telescoping fiberglass poles
  • tent stakes
  • waterproof, polyethlene coated floor with rip-stop protection
  • no-see-um mesh on all windows
  • fully detachable sock allows you to drive away leaving a stand-alone tent

The SUV tent will fit on a truck that has a shell or cap on it if the circumference around the truck and cap is not more than 19.5'.

The retail price is $229.95 U.S. and is available on-line and also at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, along with several other automotive stores. Check out the web address below for further information.

Napier has more than just full size SUV tents too. They also carry a Minivan Tent, Pick-up Truck Tailgate Tent and even a Sportz Pac Tent that you can easily take with you when motorcycling! Of course they also carry 2 and 3-4 Person Ground Tents for those that wish to keep their vehicles just for driving and not sleeping. Napier Enterprises will see to it that you are covered and dry, no matter what your particular situation!

To make your outdoors excursions complete, they also carry a line of arm chairs with drink holder, camp tables, back packs and fanny packs, air mattress, hats, visors, a ladies long sleeve shirt and even a soccer ball. Prices for these extra goodies start at $13.99 and go up to $49.95.

When you’re ready to hit the road and do some camping, weekend scouting or even hunting, pack along the new Sportz Full Size SUV Tent by Napier Enterprises. It sure was a blessing to have when we headed north for a week of camping over the holiday and will come in handy on upcoming hunting adventures. I think you’d enjoy it just as much.

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