Essential Gear – Luxeon Star LED Head Lamp

There are certain items that are essential when hunting. Of course your choice of weapon and it’s projectiles would be tops on the list, but there are others that should always be in your arsenal.

I’m sure we all have a favorite piece of equipment that we just couldn’t leave behind when on a hunting trip. Mine happens to be a headlamp. I’ve given up on carrying a standard flashlight when hunting because, truth be told, I carry so much gear out by hand that I don’t have hands enough to carry one. Bow in one hand and ground blind in the other, I used to carry a flashlight in my mouth. That wasn’t a great idea when temperatures were below freezing and I started to drool, freezing the flashlight to my mouth. Besides that, it didn’t taste good. After a season or two of that, I quickly switched over to a headlamp. Immediately I loved the hands-free style of lighting up my path.

At the Archery Trade Show in 2004, I discovered a booth that shone brightly with many colored lights, flashing on and off, and ultimately drawing me to it. This was the booth of Essential Gear (eGear).

I quickly spotted a headlamp that I would love to have in my bag of hunting goodies. A Luxeon Star 1-watt LED headlamp would fill the bill.

This headlamp features 3-level brightness control at 100%, 50%, and 25% of power. It comes with 2 lithium 123A batteries and burns for 8, 15, or 30 hours respectively.

It’s made from tough, impact-resistant thermoplastic and is very lightweight.

With the most advanced solid-state lighting (LED) technology available, it generates 10 to 15 times the power of standard LEDs and outputs up to 30 lumens in the same footprint as a 2-lumen standard 5 mm LED so it is incredibly bright.

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The red/yellow/green LEDs of the battery power indicator let you know how much battery life you have left. 

An additional, flashing distress mode is accessible by holding the "on" button down for several seconds.  It can flash for up to15 hours.  

The fine people behind Essential Gear

The straps are adjustable to fit any size head. A nice feature is how the base of the light ratchets away so you can direct the beam straight ahead or downwards at any angle.

It is extremely water-resistant and lightweight weighing only 5 ounces with batteries.

Retail price is $55.00

I found this headlamp to be the perfect companion for late nights camping in the great outdoors also.

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