Antler King Products: Fit for a Queen

I was a fairly new landowner and had just had three food plots carved out of my new 80 acre parcel in just over two years.  My property had previously been a transition area, that is, deer traveled through it but didn’t stop for long.  I wanted it to be a serious stopover point and Honey Hole seemed to be the ticket.  Their package promised results, and boy did that promise deliver.  Since then I have harvested dozens of whitetails and they cannot seem to get enough of Honey Hole.

Let me say right now however, I was not looking to be a trophy hunter although I would be a liar if I said I don’t want a trophy buck.   No one in my area practices Quality Deer Management however, so that is out of my control.  I have noticed over the year that bucks have gotten better antlers since I’ve started using the Antler King products.  But more than that, I eat and process what I kill and I want quality animals without that gamey taste.  I archery hunt almost exclusively and we harvest animals from opener through the end of the season in December.  If a nice buck is in there, great.  If not, that is great too.  The thrill of the hunt is nonetheless a success for taking a doe or a buck, in my opinion.

Each year I had used Honey Hole, and Trophy Clover Mix, I (and my other hunters) have harvested one or more whitetails.  I initially contacted Antler King to thank them for their great products.  Now, I wanted more global recommendations – for my entire property, humble in size as it was but markedly varied and hence needing specialized attention.

two acre food plot carved out of solid forest.  before picture
Last year (2009), I had yet another food plot carved out of my woods – at the recommendation of the Minnesota DNR Woodland Stewardship Plan I had done in 2001.  This was the last and largest food plot, just about 2 acres.  It was an awkward spot, very remote, sloping to the southwest and with everything from clay to rich black soil.   The other plots were all smaller, between ½ -1 acre with mixed soils.  I was in a cycle to disk and plant all the plots, five in all, in 2009. I had checked Ph to and spread lime where needed.  With the prior successes I’d had with Antler King products, I wanted their advice for my overall Woodland Stewardship Plan,  together a long term plan for quality bucks and also harvesting  for my own sustenance because  I eat venison almost exclusively.  I also have family and friends at my property and enjoy their successful harvests as well.
no time to disk so just harrowed and planted
The challenge for Antler King was the distinctly different nature of each food plot.  One was a low area near a swamp and was literally a frog bog until the first part of summer, so disking was impossible.  Another was established but needed a boost.  Yet another was sloped and filled with stubbornly tenacious volunteer wild grasses and ferns.  And of course, there was the new 2 acre plot – freshly carved out of the woods and with great potential given its various soils and remote location.
this is just one month later, Antler King Honey Hole, Red Zone and Trophy Cover came up like gangbuster.  I didn't even have time to lime this field. Amazing emergence of Honey Hole
This is mini max in another Plot where no tillling was able to be done due to being too wet.  This is Mini Max after 6 weeks. Another view of the plot carved out of the forest.... 6 weeks after planting.
passed on a six point buck to take this doe... and did so with my broken arm.  (same doe in next photo)
The food plot was planted with Trophy Clover and Honey Hole.  This was opening day of deer archery 2009
little buck taken on his way to the new food plot, one week after opener.

The professionals at Antler King recommended several products:

  • ¾ acre plot established 8 years ago: Trophy Clover Mix
  • ½ acre on slope abutting a swamp:   Honey Hole
  • ½ acre frog bog plot – cannot disk:  Mini-Max
  • New 2 acre plot:  ½ acre Red Zone, ½ acre Trophy Clover Mix, 1 acre Honey Hole
Our results?  I arrowed two deer in the first two weeks of archery season, and with a broken arm no less:  one doe and one management buck.  My daughter-in-law harvested her first deer ever, also a management buck.  One of our other hunters missed opportunities at several deer (as he does every year!)   My deer kills were on Plots #1 and #2 above.  My daughter-in-law’s buck was on Plot #3.   The prior year, we harvested 5 whitetails from our property, including one eight point and one six point buck and several does.  We had all our neighbors asking what we did, and I wrote an article for our local paper about our success – the primary factor of which was using Antler King products.
My daughter in law Felicia and her first buck... it's antler broken off from sparring, taken on the Mini Max plot (Nov. 2009)
my son with his buck... which he shot 60 seconds after shooting a doe in the spot on the same food plot - planted with Mini Max and some Honey Hole as well.  (2008) My 2008 buck arrowed on his way to a food plot planted in Honey Hole and Trophy Clover
We are just grooming our food plots now for the 2010 fall season.  I have the added challenge of living in Ohio for a couple years right now, and needing to get my Minnesota food plots ready in June for fall hunting.  The Antler King perennial clovers from last year are a foot high already and will need to be cut back and over seeded.

We are trying new combinations on all the plots, but I must admit, my two favorites are still Honey Hole and Mini-Max.  Honey Hole is awesome for placing deer where you want them at the moment of truth and in the remotest locations.  It seems to be like deer candy.   And, Mini-Max can be put anywhere without disking or prep work in hard to reach areas as well.  And as my daughter-in-law, Felicia, learned last year when she got her first deer, it WORKS!

We have proven that Antler King works for over 8 years now.  For more information go to and see their entire line of products.