The Power of Pink - 2010

With the explosion of women entering the shooting sports these past few years, including hunting, it has been very exciting to see the progression of women’s products finally hitting the markets as well.

They’re not just products of shorter and smaller size to fit a womans body, but the profusion of the color pink is undeniable too.

Taking a walk around the convention floor at the recent Archery Trade Association show (otherwise known as ATA) in Columbus, Ohio this past January, it was evident that the woman shooter/hunter has finally “arrived”.

The color pink caught my eye at every turn I took.

Here is a small sample of just some of the products with women who love pink in mind:

TRU-Fire: Hurricane Hybrid Foldback Pink

Quaker Boy has a line called Quaker Girl where a portion of the proceeds from each of those products will be donated to organizations that raise awareness for breast cancer.

Quaker Girl has several turkey and deer hunting products. Here are just a few of those products:

Quaker Girl Triple Threat
Mini Mag Old Boss Hen
Alpin Optics Pink Series
Muzzy Broadheads have a 3-blade and a 4-blade 100-grain broadheads too.

Fargason Outdoors has a Tent Chair in pink camo now.

Bohning Archery has hip quivers for target archers in both hot pink and pastel pink.

C & C Innovations even has a pink camo treestand.

Buckwear has come out with some fun womens (and girls) tee shirts.

ASAT Camo: Ladies pink series:

Lakota Archery “Sarahcuda” (I love it!!) pink camo compound bow:

Morrell The Crush Arrow Target:

Predator Camo: Short sleeve V neck tee shirt:

Muck Boots: Dusty Pink Houndstooth Scrub Boots.

Genesis Pink Lemonade bow. What young girl wouldn’t want to shoot some Lemonade?

Hoyt Bows has a new compound bow called the Vicxen, after bowhunting great Vickie Cianciarulo. The bow you can get in solid black with pink and black stripe bowstrings and pink logo on the handle grip. Looks awesome!!

Also worth mentioning are pink bow slings (Paradox), pink arrow wraps (Eazy-eye Archery Products), fluorescent pink bow strings and cables (Zebra Hybrid by Bowstrings Unlimited), pink youth arm guard (Neet Products), bow strings (Gibbs Archery Gear), and arrow vanes (QuickFletch QuickSpin by NAP).

So from clothing to bows to just plain fun stuff, the power of pink speaks volumes. Are you listening?