Walltrophies: An alternate to taxidermy.

During tough economic times, many hunters may be forced to look for alternatives to spending extra money on their hobby.  Some many think of hunting and fishing as a non-essential but not where I come from.  Time will still be spent either in the woods or on the water, but there are ways of cutting back on spending.  Recently, I discovered WALLTROPIES.  New to the hunting industry, WALLTROPHIES  was created as an alternative to expensive taxidermy.  They turn your digital picture of a hunt into a high quality vinyl poster/banner for your office, den or garage wall.

Available in four sizes, the most popular is the "Trophy Size" poster which is 24"X36" and comes with metal nail holes for easy hanging.  The cost of the 'Trophy' size is only $49.99 + S&H.  The smooth, vinyl material is waterproof and virtually indestructible without the worry of wrinkles or tears.  As with any photography, the quality is in the original, but WALLTROPHIES is able to work with all types of digital files and printed photos to create a lasting memory of that special day.

Jeff Stark, Founder of WALLTROPHIES, prides himself on exceeding  customer expectations.  Jeff  recently stated,  "We strive on customer service.  Every proof is emailed back to customers for their 100% approval. We want every customer happy so they turn all of their incredible  hunting and fishing memories into WALLTROPHIES."

An easy guide for submitting photos can be found on their website and when necessary, a physical print can also be used.  If you're looking for a giant recreation, there is the Mega Size banner which is 40"X 60".  There is also the Monster Size which stands 32"X 48" and the Button Size which is 16"X 20".   Whether you want to create a lasting memory of someone's first successful hunt, or you need a fantastic birthday or Father's/Mother's Day gift, WALLTROPHIES is affordable, unique and quick.  And for those non-hunters in the family, they also make posters and banners for any occasion from  sports to vacation pictures.  Check them out at www.walltrophies.com