Primos Turkey Calls

In 2006 we see a new innovative turkey mouth call put out by the hugely popular and much loved Primos Hunting Calls.  The Sonic Dome has received much attention since debuting at the Archery Trade Show this past January, and I had to try it out myself for the upcoming spring turkey season.

The Sonic Dome is available in your standard mouth size and a smaller version called the Mini Sonic Dome for us whose roofs of the mouth are just too small to handle the regular size.  This is a great product for women and youth turkey hunters who also enjoy calling for themselves when out in the turkey woods and fields.

With a little practice, even a novice mouth caller can attempt to make a few turkey sounds that sound realistic. I’ve found the Sonic Dome seems to have a crisper, more voluminous quality than other mouth calls with which I am familiar.

I was also looking for a new slate call and discovered the Jackpot with glass, and thought I’d try it. Now THIS call had a lot of volume to it and knew I could use it on windy days, should I need that extra volume. It comes with the Triple Seven striker, which makes the Jackpot score big.

Being a big fan of Primos, I couldn’t settle on just one slate call for my turkey arsenal, so I also picked up The Freak with Frictionite and the Grave Digger striker. This call will strap on my leg (or gun stock) and needs only one hand to operate it effortlessly.  This call had a higher pitch that sounded very seductive. 

April 12 was the turkey opener in my home state of Minnesota. After watching my “Primos The Truth, Chasing The Spring” turkey hunting videos, I was ready myself, and I headed for the fields well prepared to start sounding like a turkey.

Using a combination of these Primos calls, yelps and purrs, helped me bring in a beautiful tom in full strut regalia, to within 4 yards of my ground blind. Now I wish I could say that I bagged that tom, but due to operator error, he was “one that got away.” With Easter the following day, I had to cut my hunt short so I could spend the remainder of the weekend celebrating with my family. Despite coming home lacking a tagged turkey, I have found some great turkey calls that will remain in my call “goody bag” for years to come.

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