Hunter Safety System Tree Stalker HHS-7

It’s been awhile since I’ve been up in a tree. My hunting side of life has been limited these past years to the ground, in a ground blind. However, I felt it was high time to be up with the birds to see their view of the hunting woods.

With falls from trees a very real threat to any hunter, experienced or not, a full body safety harness is the only way to go.

Enter Hunters Safety System’s Tree Stalker full body harness. I needed a new fall restraint system and chose a harness from Hunters Safety System. I liked the Tree Stalker so much; I got Hunters Safety System for my young son and my large-sized husband too! Now we are a family of safe tree hunters.

Safety harness barely visible, but always used! Can wear over or under hunting jacket.

Why do I like my Tree Stalker? Number one reason is because it is QUICK to put on. No more fumbling with tangled straps. I can put this vest on in the dark (or with my eyes closed), and get it all buckled up in less than ten seconds. I could never do that with my old harness!

The harness is also a lightweight vest that has seatbelt type straps and buckles. It’s lighter weight than their other safety vests and economically priced too, at around $74.97. Let’s face it; there is not a deer in the woods worth losing life or limb for. Your life is certainly worth more than $75!

1) The Hunter Safety System vest/harness has two deep pockets for gloves, hand warmers, etc.
2) Breakaway stitching in the tether provides a cushion in the event of a fall, designed to slow fall with less “jolt”.
3) Convenient slide-bars allow for adjustment to be made for a perfect fit every time regardless of the weather and clothing worn.
4) Quick-snap leg buckles makes the HSS vest/harness easy and fast to put on.
5) Quick-snap chest and waist buckles make it an easy on/off harness, even in the dark.

Chest & Waist Straps adjust to accommodate the following sizes: S/M = 75-150 lbs (27”- 36” torso) L/XL = 150-275 lbs (36” - 50” torso) Warranty: 275 lbs. Maximum Weight Limit

If you would like to learn more about the Tree Stalker safety harness, or any of the other safety harnesses offered by HSS, please check out their website at:

Shoot straight & shoot often.