The Better To See You With My Deer Nikon Optics

It’s often stated that when hunting the west, good optics are an absolute must. I’ve read this fact over and over again in countless western hunting magazines. They were right.

After the first two trips hunting mule deer and antelope in Wyoming had left me wanting for better optics than the binoculars that I usually carried with me when hunting back east, I decided it was high time to purchase good quality optics for glassing the vast, far-reaching wild lands of the west.

I needed good optics and it was Nikon to the rescue!

Before my third trip to Wyoming, I had purchased a 16 - 48 x 65 Spotting Scope and 10 x 42 Monarch Binoculars and had taken themalong with me. Nikon is always at the forefront of producing great optics, and these Spotting Scope and binocs are right up there in the Great category. They’re truly a worthy investment for prairie, hills and mountain glassing.

Close-up of Spotting Scope & tripod Glassing the countryside
I didn’t run into any eye fatigue while using either of these optics, and that meant no headaches! The view was amazingly steady, sharp and clear.

With the addition of the window-mounting bracket (sold separately), I could (and did) use my spotting scope while sitting in my truck glassing for deer.

I keep my scope case attached to my truck seat, so the scope is always close at hand.

I even used my tripod-mounted scope in a novel way... While helping to blood trail my hunting partners deer, it was used as a visual “last blood” marker, straddling the last blood found. This worked well, as the tall sagebrush hid the blood spots while the scope immediately landmarked it.

Straddling last blood  

Both optics are 100% waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

They have extended eye relief and central focus and the lenses are fully coated for bright, clear images. They are ultra-rugged and have rubber-armored, roof-prism designs. 

Spotting Scope:

Spotting Scope Outfit includes the 16-48x60 Spotter XL II in a fitted case, compact telescoping camo tripod, and padded carrying case with shoulder straps that doubles as a backpack. Comes in either black or Team RealTree camo.

Field of View at 1000 yards- 120 feet
Eye relief- 19 mm
Body weight- 31.2 ounces
Size- length 12.3 inches, width 2.9 inches
Close focus distance- 32.8 feet
Suggested retail- $549.95


Field of View at 1000 yards- 314 feet
Eye relief- 15.5 mm
Body weight- 21.1 ounces
Size- length 5.6 inches, width 5.0 inches
Close focus distance- 8.2 feet
Suggested retail- $299.95

I don’t profess to be the Big Bad Wolf (just don’t ask my kids), but when using Nikon’s optics, I can certainly now say, “The better to see you with my 'deer'!”

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