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Camo Tent Chair Blind

Probably one of the most versatile and easy to set up hunting blinds is the Magnum Camo Tent Chair Blind made from Scentite.   The chair blind is attached to a pivot arm system that is made up of waterproof mossy oak camo material. The blind flips over the chair and sets into place without any work.  The four zippered openings allow the hunter to see through the magnetic “silent” camo netting. The chair even has cup holders in each arm.  The interior blind has two zippered pockets to stuff gloves or binoculars.  Tent spikes are included to firmly attach it to the ground in heavy wind.  Brush ties on the exterior allow for adding branches for increased stealth.

Weighing only 15 lbs, this makes an easily carried blind with a quick set up. The versatility of merely folding up the blind in one movement and walking away is a wonderful feature. The Scentlock system holds scents in. In fact, I had a doe come up to the blind and walk around it trying to peer in.  I didn’t have the netting completely closed so when the doe got close, she peered in between the netting and saw me. During turkey season, a turkey flew right over the blind as it tried to see  inside.

The front of the Camo Tent Chair.
This is the tent chair when the blind is folded back.
Drink holders are inset of both chair arms.
Camo netting on the sides of the blind after the main material is zipped down.
Two zippered pockets are big enough to hold deer calls, gloves or binoculars.

The mossy oak camo seems slightly dark for a late fall scene in aspens.

The view from inside of the blind looking out.

The shotgun can make a clean sweep from inside without hitting the netting. A larger rifle can be a little too long.

The Magnum Tent Chair looks hidden back from the Turkey decoys.

The blind can be used for either bowhunting or with a gun, but it can also be used for ice fishing. Many times when ice fishing, I am eager to move to another spot and this chair/blind can be just moved by lifting it. There is enough space in front of the chair for at least two ice holes.

The price is very reasonable at just over $100.  To order the Magnum tent chair #2007 contact Scentite at or 800-828-1554.


© December 2007

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