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Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands


janice-baer2When in the market for a new treestand, Chippewa Wedge-Loc stands are perfect for the woman hunter!

Read more: Chippewa Wedge-Loc Treestands

straight shooter

Straight Shooter

by Carol Carver, Staff Writer, North Carolina

We recently purchased the Kenco Automatic Directional Feeder by Flambeau, Inc. The feeder features an accurate and easy to use self programmed timing concept.

Read more: straight shooter

Killzone Turret Xl Ground Blind

Killzone Ground Blind
By Kathleen Kalina
The true and fast success of a blind is if the deer can’t see you in it.  Success for me came when two deer walked toward me and didn’t see the Killzone Turret Xl blind that I put on top of an old bear den.   There were no trees in this logged out area and only bushes for breakup.  The highest point to see from was a large 15 ft pile of logs and debris left by the logging company that a bear had bored inside to make a den.
With strong winds, the Killzone blind remained intact for 7 days since it had nice tie down loops and rope along the base to tie down.   The blind opened very easily by pulling on each corner.  The real test is whether it will fold neatly back into its bag.  The autumn wooded oak pattern is on the weather-proof , water repellent exterior.  A triangle roof hatch opens to shoot ducks.

The center height is 66” with a  72”x72” width from hub to hub and weighing a total of 14lbs.  Two people could easily hunt inside the blind.  There are four full -sized windows 12”high x 21”wide and seven slot windows providing 360 degree visibility.  Killzone advertised these blinds for $99 and free shipping.  That is an excellent buy for all you get.
Climbing in and out of the blind was very easy and quiet with a door that was big enough to cleanly maneuver. My dog enjoyed guarding the door when I first put it up.

Closed side windows can quickly be dropped by the elastic cord attachment.
Windows have a screen connected by velcro and camo  covers that can be adjusted to be slightly closed or fully opened. I laid the window uneven so it looks like a branch.
Deer looking through the screens of the side windows cannot see the shooter;  but the hunter can see the deer and drop the screen at any time.
With plenty of bushes in front of the blind, deer have a tendency not to look straight up even though   the blind is visible against the skyline. It’s the best that can be done when there are no trees.
The Killzone blind folds flat and then folds again to go into bag. I was pleasantly happy to fold it without effort and it easily slipped into the carrying case.  I was in a hurry since the bear had come back to the bear den that was under the blind and he wanted me out!

The Killzone blind fits nicely into the carrying bag

The straps make it easy to carry as a backpack.

This deer didn’t see the blind and became my successful kill. There is no better testimony to a blind than getting a deer who didn’t see the hunter.

To view more Killzone blinds go to:


Hunter Safety System Tree Stalker HHS-7

It’s been awhile since I’ve been up in a tree. My hunting side of life has been limited these past years to the ground, in a ground blind. However, I felt it was high time to be up with the birds to see their view of the hunting woods.

With falls from trees a very real threat to any hunter, experienced or not, a full body safety harness is the only way to go.

Enter Hunters Safety System’s Tree Stalker full body harness. I needed a new fall restraint system and chose a harness from Hunters Safety System. I liked the Tree Stalker so much; I got Hunters Safety System for my young son and my large-sized husband too! Now we are a family of safe tree hunters.

Safety harness barely visible, but always used! Can wear over or under hunting jacket.

Why do I like my Tree Stalker? Number one reason is because it is QUICK to put on. No more fumbling with tangled straps. I can put this vest on in the dark (or with my eyes closed), and get it all buckled up in less than ten seconds. I could never do that with my old harness!

The harness is also a lightweight vest that has seatbelt type straps and buckles. It’s lighter weight than their other safety vests and economically priced too, at around $74.97. Let’s face it; there is not a deer in the woods worth losing life or limb for. Your life is certainly worth more than $75!

1) The Hunter Safety System vest/harness has two deep pockets for gloves, hand warmers, etc.
2) Breakaway stitching in the tether provides a cushion in the event of a fall, designed to slow fall with less “jolt”.
3) Convenient slide-bars allow for adjustment to be made for a perfect fit every time regardless of the weather and clothing worn.
4) Quick-snap leg buckles makes the HSS vest/harness easy and fast to put on.
5) Quick-snap chest and waist buckles make it an easy on/off harness, even in the dark.

Chest & Waist Straps adjust to accommodate the following sizes: S/M = 75-150 lbs (27”- 36” torso) L/XL = 150-275 lbs (36” - 50” torso) Warranty: 275 lbs. Maximum Weight Limit

If you would like to learn more about the Tree Stalker safety harness, or any of the other safety harnesses offered by HSS, please check out their website at:

Shoot straight & shoot often.


GameTamers TS-30 Tree Stand

I believe wholeheartedly that the GameTamers TS-30 Tree Stand is truly the most well thought out tree stand design for reliability and safety on the market

The TS-30 Tree Stand and the smaller TS-24 Tree Stand are not only the safest tree stands available, but they also have a seat that swivels 360 degrees, come with a Lifetime Guarantee for remaining silent, and are tested to accommodate a 350 pound man!

The stand features an octagon base that has eight bends to add engineered strength to the ring and base design. The designers and GameTamers incorporated a single adjusting arm with a 5/16” hole on 1/2” inch centers to adjust the base level quickly and easily. The adjusting platform allows the base to be level, regardless of the tree trunk angle or limb.

The hinges are designed with special grease fittings to prevent any noise. I sat in the seat for six to eight hours a day, for an entire week, in weather varying from a light, cold rain, to 25-degree mornings, alternating with a man who weighed in at well over 280 pounds, and the seat never once made a noise! The seat swivel they designed is 100% noise-free. Also incorporated is an offset back brace that supports the plastic seat, giving it increased support even for heaviest of sportsmen. The system which was engineered to attach the stand to the tree, is also becoming an industry standard! Because of the special tightening system used to secure the safety chain around the tree and GameTamers own TREE-T makes it virtually impossible to slip. We tested this feature by jumping on the stand numerous times. The special tree screw, designed by GameTamers, adds increased safety.

The paint used in the finishing the stands was specially designed by Sherwin Williams with rust inhibitors and certain characteristics to prolong the life of our products.

I have found the stand to range in price from $250. to $300.

TS-30 Tree Stand Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Seat Rotates 360 E
  • Guaranteed 100% Quiet
  • Weighs ONLY 32 pounds
  • Rust Resistant Finish
  • Mounts Level - Even on leaning limbs
  • 350 pound weight capacity
  • Expanded Metal Non-Slip Platform
  • Exclusive Chain Attachment

Honey Hole Inc. “The Gear Pocket” Review

This is what the hunting and fishing industry has been waiting for.  My new favorite piece of gear is now the Gear Pocket from Honey Hole Inc.    Now, what to put in YOUR honey hole?  Basically anything you want!

I absolutely hate digging through my backpack for misc. items I use quite regularly in the stand.  When you’re in a tree stand you want minimal movement and the Gear Pocket makes that possible.  Made in the USA, the Gear Pocket holds just about anything you want on the side of your tree stand for easy access.  Go ahead, put what is most useful to you  in your honey hole!   

The Gear Pocket when open has the dimensions of: 6” wide x 12” long x 5” deep and folds up to 18” long and 1.5” in diameter when not in use.   It folds up small and is easy to carry along or store, but big enough for all your goodies.

The Gear Pocket is also water resistant. The fabric is 1000 Denier Cordura, which is the same material you would find on a pair of waterproof boots.  I folded my gear pocket ½ way in a down pour that snuck up on me and my belongings inside came out dry. 

Great places for the Gear Pocket to be put is on your tree stand, ATV, duck blind, fishing boat, hunting house chair, etc.   It can be mounted with twine, net, hose clamps, screws, Velcro or cable ties. Or if you’re in a jam, use duct tape. ;-)

Again, this is an awesome product and one you shouldn’t go without! 

Available only in Realtree HD

Price: $14.95 + Shipping

You can buy at or on ebay here .


© December 2007

On a Wing and a Prayer: Okie Innovation Strikes Again

As hunting season gears up, it's time to take stock of your hunting equipment. And thanks to the ingenuity of two enterprising Oklahoma entrepreneurs, water fowling enthusiasts have more opportunities than ever for spreading their wings. What follows are two fine examples of Oklahoma ingenuity that are sure to make an impact on your hunting success.


When a man brought a ground hunting blind into Shirley's Canvas--Larry and Shirley Bergdall's Enid, Oklahoma, business--several years ago and requested a replacement cover, Shirley rose to the challenge. The iron frame, however, was cumbersome and heavy, and, as a result, Shirley came up with the idea of building a better mousetrap: a lighter, more easily portable ground blind. After several revisions, she successfully designed a single person model before turning her attention to a blind that would accommodate a wheelchair-bound hunter. Shirley rented a wheelchair to insure the correct measurements, modifying her original design to make it taller and wider. Once the design process was complete, she contacted Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, submitted a sample of her blind for approval and applied for a license to use Advantage camouflage fabrics for the covers. A year ago, Shirley filed the preliminary paperwork for a patent for her new product and with the help of the Inventor's Assistance Program through Oklahoma State University, the Hide-N-Hunt ground hunting blind was born!

The Hide-N-Hunt blind's frame is made of square aluminum tubing for lightweight strength and long-lasting durability. Each frame is hand-bent, welded and assembled by Shirley's husband, Larry. Shirley sews the covers using longwearing, water repellant, acrylic-coated 500-denier Cordura fabric available in the Ducks Unlimited official pattern of Advantage Wetlands, as well as in Advantage Timber and Classic patterns. The blind is also offered by special order in Trebark Superflauge--a vinyl-backed, insulated fabric for very cold, wet hunting. The blind's frame and comfortable, sling-type seat is rated to support hunters up to 300 pounds, yet it folds into a convenient-to-carry package. A green camo storage cover protects each blind from soil and damage while being stored or transported, and both the blind and storage cover have carrying straps. Set-up is a snap: simply set the blind down on the ground, grasp the top frame tube and pull up. For duck hunters, the top of the Hide-N-Hunt springs open for quick over-the-head shooting. There is a window in the back of the blind and, for complete concealment, two front visors: one made of camouflage netting, which stores in a front pocket; the other, which is made of vinyl for wet conditions, can be secured by a clip under the seat when not in use. The floor of the blind is made of 18-ounce vinyl, making it completely waterproof, and the bottom is totally enclosed to prevent snakes from getting in. The blind is guaranteed against defects due to workmanship or material quality for one year.

Shirley and her husband have sold several hundred Hide-N-Hunt blinds at local hunting shows, where she enjoys meeting and talking with people about her product. She says she has sold many blinds to women, who appreciate its lightweight portability, as well as to hunters who--after falling out of tree stands--desire a safer option for hunting.

The Hide-N-Hunt blind is available in two sizes: the single person model; or the larger model, suitable for an adult and a child or two small adults. A wheelchair can also easily access the larger model by simply taking down the side cables, which allow the wheelchair to be rolled in over the front bar before reattaching the sides. The single model retails for $325; the larger one for $400, plus shipping and handling. Shirley accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. Orders can be placed through Shirley's Website at, where you can view a short video demonstration of the blind; by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting Shirley's Canvas (located at 301 South 42nd Street, Enid, Oklahoma 73701) at (580) 234-8384 or (877) 740-4433.

"Wing Magic"

Frank Price's obsession with waterfowl hunting began in 1972 when a friend of his dad's took him duck and goose hunting on Lake Charles as a high school graduation gift. It was love at first flight for this Louisiana native as he marveled at the locked wings of his prey. Years later, living in Ada and working as a civil engineer for the Robert S.Kerr Environmental Research Center, Frank went hunting on a windless January morning and watched with dismay as the mallards glided away toward a group of live ducks without giving his spread a second look. That night, Frank designed a crude prototype motion decoy, which operated by a simple tug of a hidden cord. The next morning, on a public lake with just his prototype and six other common decoys, he not only filled his limit but also watched as mallard after mallard lit within 10 yards of his spread, attracted by the flashing wing motion and the rippling water movement. Frank continued to refine his prototype until Wing Magic sprang from his drawing board . A short time later, he had the opportunity to show his production model to Rod Haydel, President of Haydel's Game Calls, Inc. Haydel called it "a winner" and the patent pending production of Wing Magic was set in motion.

The Wing Magic decoy is made out of high-quality G&H Decoy shells and heads and mounts with a bracket on a half-inch EMT stake. Seventy-five feet of operating line runs through the bridle ring that is attached to the separate line stake. The wings are white on one side; and life-like graphics on the other side add dimension to the movement. Some simple assembly is required before going out into the field, but well-written instructions with clear pictures facilitate the process. Action is achieved by rhythmically applying and releasing tension on the operating line and is controlled by how deep you set the wings in the water, not by how hard you pull the decoy. The water line is marked on both sides of the wings. To get more wing action, set the wing paddle slightly higher than the watermark. Conversely, to get more water action, set the wing paddle lower in the water. This decoy comes ready to work in most wading water, but for deeper water you can purchase additional lengths of the half-inch EMT stake from most hardware stores. Frank's Website at , with additional operating tips and suggested layouts, is highly recommended reading.

Wing Magic offers many advantages over other motion decoy models. It's simple and reliable with no motors, batteries, pulleys, or belts to fail. The hunter creates the wing and water movement only when he wants it, and the decoy is great for non-callers or kids who want to be more involved in the hunt. Wing Magic is silent, 100 percent waterproof and lightweight. A one-year warranty applies to the decoy bracket, which if broken for any reason other than neglect or abuse, will be replaced for the cost of shipping and handling.

Wing Magic is currently sold through Frank's Website, as well as at Mack's Prairie Wings in Stuttgart, Ark., and through the store's catalog. The decoy, available in either a mallard drake or hen model, retails for $89.95. Replacement wings and accessories are also available. Frank is planning on taking Wing Magic to next year's SHOT Show in Orlando, Fla., where he hopes to introduce it to more dealers. He is also working on a goose model prototype. For more information on Wing Magic or to place an order, contact Frank at Price Outdoor Innovations, 1205 South Highschool, Ada, Oklahoma 74820. He may also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (580) 272-0535.

Double Bull T5 Blind Review

Here’s my T5 setup at the edge of a field during my recent turkey hunt in Wisconsin.
I’ll give you my first impression: No instructions needed. Simple and effective.

The guys at Double Bull aren’t kidding when they claim you can set up their blinds and take them down in a matter of seconds, and do so easily.

The T5 blind performs like a charm and with a full 5’7" in height and 5’x5’ in floor space (6’4" inside shooting diameter), it allows plenty of room to draw a bow or move into position at any of the eight shooting ports, even with an additional person in the blind. It’s also ideal for wildlife photography, and can easily conceal up to two photographers with tripods.There’s an abundance of shooting and viewing windows (12 in all, with 2 shooting ports and 1 netted viewing window on each side), no Velcro or zippers on the windows to alarm approaching animals, an optional large rooftop opening for use on waterfowl hunts, very quiet, water resistant poly/cotton blend fabric and durable fiberglass support poles. A huge feature that I quickly noticed was the lack of any thin, transparent walls. All Double Bull blind interiors are lined in black fabric, concealing all movement within the blind. Shoot-through netting is also available for use on the T5’s shooting ports if ahunter wants to use the blind for whitetail hunting. Their research has shown that while the "black holes" created by the shooting ports won’t scare turkeys, it may alarm deer.

Here’s the inside of the T5 blind. I took the photo from behind my bow, with an arrow nocked, in its bow stand. (As I stated-there’s plenty of room to move around) The oval vertical window is one of eight shooting ports; the horizontal window is a netted viewing window.
I’ll be honest – my husband and I had discussed getting a Double Bullin the past and thought they were expensive, so several years ago we bought a cheaper blind. My review? It’s noisy and thin, shapes and movement inside can be easily detected from the outside, and as such we rarely used it. The thin, nylon material used on the cheaper blind was lighter in weight, but shined and reflected sun on a bright day. Regardless of the weight, a blind’s no good if it scares away animals! In addition, we found the take-down and folding up process extremely frustrating at times. From day one, you will never have difficulty setting up or taking down the Double Bull blinds, in fact I’d bet after playing with your new blind you won’t have any trouble after the first time you set it up – it’s that simple and easy to use.

Double Bull uses the "Predator" camouflage design on all their blinds, a large pattern that really breaks up the blinds outline in various terrains.

Still new to, and experimenting, with blind hunting, I was eager to use the T5 in the field this spring in my attempts to shoot my first turkey with my bow. I used the T5 both in Kansas and Wisconsin, two very different landscapes, and found it effective in both settings. High winds of 30-40 mph and 100-degree heat kept me from succeeding with my bow in Kansas, however in Wisconsin the T5 blind enabled me to have several close encounters with jakes, hens and even deer. I just wasn’t fortunate to get a clear shot with my bow this year.My blind also kept me warm and completely dry as I encounteredseveral days of rain and cooler temperatures. It made for a nice haven during the inclement weather and increased my time spent afield.

Double Bull blinds are pricier, but with the quality you get in return, they are well worth the cost. I consider it a life-long hunting investment, and with lifetime warranties on all internal framework and a considerate and easy-going customer service, you can’t go wrong.

The craftsmanship and attention to design features created by hunters, for hunters, are obvious upon set-up. I give Double Bull a double thumbs-up. Use Double Bull and you’ll see how the quietness, concealment and ease of set-up and take-down will make a huge difference on your hunts.


Look closely and you can see a deer directly outside the shooting port of my T5 blind.
Here I have my Double Bull T5 blind positioned at the end of a ridge withsome decoys in a clearing. At this spot, I had two jakes 20 yards away on the ridge, but couldn’t get a clear shot at either one of them before they moved further away



Ameristep Non-Typical Climber

The video played as I watched and studied intently the simple steps involved in fitting the two pieces of the Ameristep non typical climber together for pack and carry on the hunters back. The hunter on the video was none other than Wayne Prejean who had designed this Ameristep Non-typical climber. When I approached the booth at the Bass Pro Outdoor Show, I was quickly introduced to Wayne Prejean and when I asked about the non-typical climber he offered to show me his instruction video. I watched the video, and afterward felt confident that I could assemble the two pieces in backpack style and then quickly attach it to a tree, on my own in the upcoming archery season.

The lightweight welded aluminum construction and padded backpack straps make this Ameristep Non-typical climber easy to pack in anywhere. At nineteen pounds, it is lighter than many other stands that weigh in well above this weight class. The nice part about pack in climbers is the ease of sliding it together and reassembly of the pieces at the tree. A Speed Cable Locking System adjusts to the diameter of the tree and is surrounded by a rubber compression layering which grips the wood solidly as you climb. The padded multi positioning shooting rest is a nice extra for the gun season and this piece doubles as the rest you sit upon while climbing the tree. The Comfortmax seat is removable, with cinch straps that are fully

The platform size is 20" by 32" and is rated to hold 300 pounds. The shape and position of the vertical channel contacts at the back of the platform keep the climber at rest against the tree for a better fit against any shape. An angled toe brace supports feet in a comfortable position once you get to the top of the tree and settle in for the hunt.

The Ameristep Non-Typical climber is TMA approved and includes a TMA approved five-point full body harness. The Treestand Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization with members who are corporations that manufacture tree stands. Industry members who manufacture products or tree stands that assist hunters to an elevated position must be TMA certified. In other words, these members must adhere to the specific standard testing methods for their products, which elevate hunters while hunting. The TMA pursues its members to actively seek certification of conformance to association standards on all tree stand products.

I have used this climber throughout the archery season and I like it for its weight and size. The Ameristep Non-typical climber is easy for me to pack, sits comfortably in the tree and has been a dependable climber stand in each use.



© January 2005

Hunter Safety System

The tree stand vest made by Hunter Safety System™ is not only reversible orange and camo but has a deer drag feature too.  The pockets enable the hunter to forego additional vests and store animal calls.  The reversible feature is a major plus to this vest since you can use the camo side during bowhunting and the orange side for firearms season.

The linemans straps enables some people to climb a tree to install a treestand.

My favorite part of this vest is the fact that it has deer drag loops on the back and a strap with a carabiner clip.  This makes the vest multi-purpose.  How many times have you had to carry a separate deer drag system?

The vest is very comfortable with snap clips at the waist and seat belt type of connecting snaps that go around the legs.  All of the straps are inside of the vest, so you don’t have to mess around with figuring out which strap goes around your arms or legs. It’s fast and comfortable.

Hunter Safety System has other mesh types of vests or shorter versions for climbers.  The vest comes in all sizes including for children.

To order a vest go to:  or call 1-256-773-7732

 © September 2007

Women Hunters Hat

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