Gunzilla™ BC-10 Gun Cleaner Review

Over the holidays I ran into a friend who’d recently become a distributor for Gunzilla™ BC-10 gun cleaner and I became interested in experimenting with this new plant-based cleaner for myself after listening to his enthusiastic praise. I then phoned Don Kettles, President of Top Duck Products and owner of Gunzilla™ BC-10, to learn more about this innovative product.

I was intrigued to learn Don’s motivation for developing Gunzilla™ BC-10; he’d spoken to a U.S.Soldier returning from combat who complained about the toxic gun cleaner he was required to use. Don went to work, determined on developing a safer and more effective gun cleaner for U.S. Soldiers as well as law enforcement personnel and sportsmen and women. Along with a chemist, he developed and tested Gunzilla™ BC-10 for over two years and introduced it to the market less than a year ago.

What’s so special about Gunzilla™ BC-10? It’s the world’s first plant-based gun cleaner and it contains NO hazardous chemicals. This makes it worthy of attention; it’s safer to use, easier to transport, has a low-odor unlike petroleum based cleaners, and is non-flammable, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Unlike other gun cleaners, Gunzilla is FAA approved and can be transported in checked baggage when traveling by air.

I learned first-hand that gun cleaning with Gunzilla™ is a breeze. One bottle does it all; it’s a cleaner, lubricant and protectant all in one, making Gunzilla™ an efficient and handy cleaning tool. It removes carbon, copper, lead, rust and plastic, won’t “gum” up your gun (because it’s slippery instead of sticky like other cleaners), won’t freeze in extreme cold and won’t evaporate in heat.

Gunzilla™ can be used to clean shotguns, rifles, handguns, automatic weapons, muzzleloaders, and smokeless and black powder guns, although President Don Kettles does warn that,” while Gunzilla™ does not hurt metal brushes at all, it may soften plastics over time, so it’s best to use metal brushes when cleaning.” He also advises, “not to use Gunzilla™ on special or hand-dipped finishes, although it is safe for baked or powder-coated finishes.”

I’ve used Gunzilla™ BC-10 to clean my Thompson Center Encore .243 rifle, my T/C Encore 12 ga. Shotgun and my Winchester 1300 12 ga. Pump and was impressed with the low odor and excellent cleaning power. Each time, I performed a thorough barrel cleaning on each gun. I began cleaning the barrels first with Gunzilla soaked patches, patches that emerged black with residue. Although this was expected on my Winchester used recently on a pheasant hunt, it was unexpected when I pulled out soiled grey-black patches from my Thompson Center .243 rifle that I’d properly cleaned and stored away last November after deer season closed. It showed no traces of residue when I’d completed my cleaning then, yet now I pulled out Gunzilla™ soaked patches that had obviously removed additional residue from my barrel.

I then wet my brushes with Gunzilla and ran them through each barrel, followed with a series of patches (alternating Gunzilla soaked patches with dry patches) to remove any remaining residue. After the patches finally came through clean, I was done. Gunzilla left a slippery, dry coating – not greasy or sticky – that serves both as a lubricant and protectant and eliminates the need to finish the cleaning process with a separate lubricant treatment. I was able to thoroughly clean and lubricate my guns at the same time, followed by simple clean up with soap and water. I found it to be a gun cleaner that’s impressive, easy and very effective. I urge you to try it and see for yourself why Don Kettles claims it to be, “The world’s best gun cleaner.”

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