Prois Apparel for Women: It’s About Time!

There were many times throughout my youth that I was mistaken for a boy.  “Excuse me sonny!”  or “ Hi there young fella” were just a couple a unintentional, but painful  greetings I remember.  My favorite line occurred when I was about 5  years old and sitting in the local barber chair.  A young boy about my same age pointed at me and asked his Dad, “Hey, is ‘he’ a boy or a girl?”  The first mistake may have been that my parents got my haircut at the BARBER SHOP!  The fact that I was a Tomboy to the core may have contributed as well.  I was often seen sporting a Fonzie t-shirt or better yet, a full cowboy outfit, double holster and boots included.  Fancy dresses and painted nails didn’t make much sense when I was gladly walking the corn fields with my Dad looking for pheasants or sitting in a goose blind.

It was during my teenage years, when boys became more interesting, that I didn’t want to be mistaken for one anymore.  I was still going to South Dakota on pheasant hunts and climbing into tree stands, but a teenage girl wants to be more than “just one of the guys."  Hunting was put on the back burner until I graduated from college in 1993.  It was shortly after that when I developed a passion for bow hunting.

I’ve always been on the conservative side with my wallet, so in the first few years of hunting I would raid my father’s hunting closet for gear and clothes.  I couldn’t find camo in the store that fit me anyway, so I made do with my father’s faded out, droopy extras.  Once again, I looked like “one of the guys!”

Throughout the 15 years I’ve been bow hunting, my equipment, as well as my wardrobe, somewhat improved over time.  It only took one time for my jacket to get caught up in my bow string to realize the importance of fitted hunting clothing.  A few years ago I received brand new camouflage for my birthday (conveniently located in late August, just before the start of the fall hunt.)  The pants were from the kids’ department and the jacket was a men’s medium and too big.  Why don’t they make a men’s size small?  If they do, I’ve never found one!  I guess they assume most hunters are on the large - extra large end of the spectrum.  Needless to say, the set didn’t perfectly match but it did the trick.  Besides… if I did complain I would only get ridicule from my family.  “What?  Are you going hunting or to a fashion show?!”

Well, my days of feeling like the Michelin Man in my hunting gear are over!  While surfing one of my favorite websites, I came across an ad for Prois Hunting Apparel made exclusively for women.  I immediately placed an order and within 3 days was parading around the living room like it WAS a fashion show!  The pants fit me like my favorite pair of jeans and won’t need to be tucked uncomfortably into my boots or rolled up.  The contoured vest is made of soft micro fleece material and even has pockets in the upper back to hold hand warmers on those chilly fall days.  It’s an excellent layering piece.  The designers at Prois have not only thought of style but also functionality. The Pro-Edition jacket not only looks like a million bucks, but it’s wind and water resistant and designed to move with the draw of my bow or rise of my gun.    The Realtree and AdvantageMax camouflage patterns will work perfectly to disguise any huntress in various environments.  Whether I’m up in a tree stand or on the ground, I’ll feel confident that I can blend into any background.    And when I’m comfortable on a hunt, from temperature to movement, I’m much more capable of making that perfect shot.   The investment towards Prois apparel will definitely pay me dividends in the form of comfort, style and wear ability.  If you’re looking for the same visit