XScent Odor Eliminating Socks

The problem with smelly feet is that know one wants to be around you. It’s bad enough when your family and friends don’t want to be near you, but it’s a real bad thing when you’re out in the woods and all the scent-conscious game animals you’re hunting turn tail and run. If you’re having problems keeping your feet and socks from stinking up your hunting vicinity (and your hunting buds complaining back at camp), let me tell you about a new product and a recent test I took.

My personal disgusting test of X Scent Odor Eliminating Socks goes like this:

Now I never really cared for taking tests in school, but this one I knew I would enjoy as I really tried to be as disgusting as I could. Spanning a three-month time, I began wearing the XScent Socks in June. I wore them in knee-high rubber boots while bowfishing the shores of some local lakes and creeks. Then I would wear them for days on end in my open-toed sandals, gathering all manner of dirt, mud and sticker burrs to add to the filth level. I refused to wash them just yet. I think I secretly wanted these socks to fail the "Stink Test".

Then in July, I headed up north and spent five rainy days wearing these socks inside my damp hiking boots while clearing brush and doing other camp duties. I took them off at the end of the week and tossed them in a pile… In my husbands vehicle… And let them sit there for another two weeks. (Shhhhh, he doesn’t know about that) Nobody mentioned a foul smell coming from them in the truck and as time passed, I had even forgotten about them. Once remembered, I brought them into my house and let them sit in the corner of my kitchen soaking up any cooking odors and any added smells my dog would voluntarily contribute. Another week would be just long enough before I would put them on my feet once again. I wore them off and on for the next couple weeks alternating between sandals and hiking boots. Great choice for late evening motorcycle rides. Not once did they smell like other socks would have, all the while keeping my feet cool in the summer.

My eldest son has a problem with stinky feet/socks and after seeing (and smelling) how much I loved mine, he requested a couple of pairs also. (Thank God!)

So my personal test results are in and XScent Odor Eliminating Socks pass with high grades. Bottom line is, they work. If these socks could keep my feet odor-free during the heat of summer, I’m sure they could keep them odor-free in the chill of autumn and the cold of winter too.

An added benefit is that they do not need heat from a dryer to re-activate them like other carbon-based scent eliminating products do. They are always working for you!

The price is lower than carbon-based scent eliminating products for a welcomed cost savings also.

I’m washing my socks for the first time right now in preparation of the up-coming hunting season. These XScent socks will surely be in my hunting duffel bag. Won’t you add them to yours?

For more information, visit their web site at: http://www.xscent.com

Also see press release below for the more technical info:

X Scent™: No Regeneration or Reactivation Required
Scent-cautious sportsmen can now solely concentrate on hunting without having to worry about their scent-elimination clothing’s performance

Every year, scent-cautious sportsmen, who use activated-carbon scent-control garments, are faced with the same questions: Activated-carbon garments are very warm; what am I supposed to wear during the early season? Is my activated-carbon clothing trapping enough odor to be effective? When should I wash my clothing? When is it time to regenerate or reactivate my clothing? How will I regenerate or reactivate my clothing on a week-long hunt at the hunting lease or while on a pack-in hunt in the wilderness?

All of these are good, valid questions; scent-elimination garments are not cheap and sportsmen expect performance for their hard-earned dollar.

Recognizing the need for a new, innovative scent elimination system (SES) with a lower price point, ARC Outdoors launched a technologically advanced brand called X Scent™ in early 2004.

X Scent™ isn’t anything like activated-carbon garments; it’s not a filter, it’s an anti-microbial. X Scent™ utilizes a technology called X-STATIC®, which is a textile with 0.999-pure silver permanently bound to its surface. Silver ions are a natural anti-microbial and are highly toxic to odor-causing bacteria.

Human body odor originates from bacteria living on skin surfaces. As these bacteria cells live out their lives, they expel waste in the form of an odorous gas. It is this odor that becomes stronger over time from an influx of bacteria due to reproduction. High moisture areas such as armpits and feet are common, ideal breeding grounds for odor-emitting bacteria.

X Scent™ can eliminate 99 percent of all odor-causing bacteria within one hour after exposure. Simply put, if you can eliminate the army of odor-causing bacteria, you can stop the production of human odor.

X Scent™ with X-STATIC® silver fiber technology works, here’s proof.

Silver ions, as an anti-microbial, have been tested and researched for years by the medical industry, major accredited universities and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA recognizes silver as one of the best anti-microbials while remaining harmless to humans.

Even the U.S. Military has proven the bacteria-control effectiveness of silver fiber technology. To protect their feet from a wide variety of medical problems caused by microbes, troops wear socks made with X-STATIC® while in the field for days on end.

The entire X Scent™ product line has been extremely successful. Even the base layer has been a very popular item. Because X Scent™ is thermodynamic, sportsmen have the option to wear the base layer under their favorite camo pattern clothing in the warm early season and still remain cool.

All X Scent garments are highly breathable; wearing X Scent™ garments is like wearing any other garment without scent-elimination technology. Sportsmen need to keep in mind that sweating in X Scent™ isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the more you sweat, the harder X Scent™ works.

Want more proof that X Scent™ works?

Consumers looking to replace their existing garments or wanting to buy a scent elimination system for the first time can now witness for themselves the proven anti-microbial and scent-elimination effectiveness of X Scent™ for less than $20. Try the X Scent™ Boot Socks ($14.99 MSRP).

X Scent™ is currently shipping to major retailers across the country. Hundreds of smaller retailers, such as archery and general outdoor shops, are carrying X Scent™ as well. For an A.R.C. dealer near you, please call 877-974-4353 or refer to the web site at: http://www.arcoutdoors.com/search.php


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