ASAT® CAMOUFLAGE… An acronym for, All Season All Terrain! (Hence the name ASAT)

After using ASAT® CAMOUFLAGE exclusively for a year, I can honestly say that I have seen more animals than in previous years of bow hunting while wearing other camouflages! This camouflage is the utmost effective camouflage on the market today! Why is it so great you ask? It’s very simple, it works! Think about it, it is one camouflage for every season and all terrain. It consists of three basic colors, tan, black and brown. It has a contrasting pattern that simply confuses and tricks all types of wild game! The colors in the camouflage are the colors of nature and wildlife, so naturally it blends in perfectly with all seasons and all terrain! There was literally years of research that went into developing this camouflage! They tested it time after time to get it just right, with unbelievable results. The animals have a way of just looking right through you, whether you are on the ground or in a treestand!

This is also the only camouflage on the market that has a money back guarantee! Yes, you heard that correctly! Their challenge to you is: buy their 3D leafy suit, wear it exclusively for one year, and if you do not see more game than you have in previous years wearing other camouflages, then they will buy the suit back from you! It is the ONLY Camouflage on the market with that kind of a guarantee! So I ask you, if it doesn’t work as good as they say it works, then why would they have such a guarantee? It’s simple… they wouldn’t! Take the ASAT® challenge, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! What do you have to loose? Nothing!

The people at ASAT® are also working very hard at bringing new products to their already wonderful line of clothing, such as, waterproof bibs and parkas. (This Parka is a 3-in-one parka.) Also, now included in the ASAT® line are duffle bags, day and back packs, fanny packs and hand warmers manufactured by Critters Dreams, www.crittersdreams.com

Also available are soft sided coolers in ASAT® CAMOUFLAGE. These coolers carry a lifetime guarantee by their manufacturer. ASAT® is constantly exploring several other avenues such as; Scent control suits, cold weather gloves, an insulated bowhunter jacket, insulated vests, and the list goes on!

Watch for more and more improvements in 2005 with this wonderful and very effective camouflage! The best way for you to see ASAT® is to visit the web site at: www.asatcamo.com

Take a few moments, read the ASAT® CAMO story, view the test photos, and decide for yourself. ASAT® encourages you to do your own testing! Put your camouflage along side ASAT® and take a few photos and compare! You may just be surprised at how ineffective the other brands of camouflage are compared to ASAT®. Also read the testimonials from dedicated, successful hunters and you too will find yourself buying and wearing ASAT® CAMOUFLAGE!

With that said, please remember that the people at ASAT® not only produce the most effective camouflage on the market, but they are hunters first and foremost and have worn and tested the products themselves! They are a great bunch of people who are there to make sure every customer is happy with each and every product. Feel free to contact them at any time if you have any problems or to just ask questions! You won’t be disappointed!

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