New… Scent-Lok Apparel for Ladies!

New in 2006, Scent-Lok has designed quality hunting gear for women with the introduction of their Scent-Lok Ladies BaseSlayers and Ladies Windproof Fleece Parka and Pants.

Having purchased and worn the men’s BaseSlayers for the previous two years complete with baggy armpits and crotch; finally surrendering to the bad fit by wearing a thin layer of long underwear under the BaseSlayers to accommodate for bagginess, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to learn Scent-Lok had engineered, designed and customized their gear for us; serious women hunters who require quality gear that works in the field.  Finally!

The Ladies BaseSlayers worn with the Ladies Fleece Parka and Pants makes a killer combination for scent containment, warmth and quietness.  Wearing them together equips you with a double layer of Scent-Lok odor protection and an outer fabric that conceals and quiets your movements.  It works, whether you’re sitting on stand for several hours or stalking; both the fleecy outerwear and the BaseSlayers are excellent choices for variable temperatures due to the “ClimaFlex” technology incorporated.  I found firsthand that it does what “ClimaFlex” moisture-wicking technology claims to do: it keeps you cool in warmer weather and warm in cooler weather, making these pieces convincingly versatile hunting gear and worthy of the investment.  Investment you ask?  Yes, they are decidedly more costly than your average hunting camo, running over $250 for both of the fleece pieces and about $70 apiece for the BaseSlayer system, which is intended as a first layer worn next to your skin to absorb odors.  But ladies listen….they fit extremely well, help contain your scent, cut the wind, keep you comfortable in varying weather and are lightweight and quiet.  They have all the bells and whistles you’d expect and look for as a seasoned hunter: elasticized cuffs, several large pockets on parka and pants, belt loops, elastic waist, cargo pockets, zippered legs, and attached hood on the parka.  The parka features a cinched waistline for a trim, adjustable fit and longer thigh-high length that keeps your entire mid-section warm and comfortable when the temps drop.  So yes, the initial cost may seem high, but after you realize the quality in features and fit, and find it indispensable hunting gear that can be worn throughout the entire hunting season in varying climates, I sincerely think you’ll be satisfied with the returns this investment offers.

I can honestly tell you that I wore the Scent-Lok Fleece every day that I hunted this fall beginning with my Elk hunt in mid-September in Colorado where, incidentally, I encountered a freak snowstorm with plummeting temperatures after enjoying initially sunny, warm weather.   I was impressed to find the Scent-Lok Ladies Fleece simply accommodating for the varying weather throughout my entire bow and gun seasons this year in Mississippi, Colorado, and Wisconsin.  I found myself reaching for it each day.  Yes, I had other well-liked and “favorite” hunting clothing I’d worn previously; however I found the Ladies Fleece set simply comfortable and the Scent-Lok odor-eliminating technology effective for helping contain my scent in the field. I wore it alone with a thin shirt in Wisconsin when it was 70 degrees and still wore it when temps dropped into the teens in November.  As temps dropped, I added the Scent-Lok BaseSlayers for added odor-elimination and warmth, the Scent-Lok shooters gloves, and an additional layer or two on top as needed. The fleece is also water-resistant and I wore it during several rain showers in Wisconsin and although I never encountered serious downpours, it consistently kept me warm and dry despite any precipitation I encountered.

I stored my clothing in airtight plastic bags and tubs and re-activated my Scent-Lok after every 40 hours of field use, as recommended, and had many close encounters with deer- remaining undetected each and every time.

I would seriously recommend the Scent-Lok Ladies Fleece, BaseSlayers and trim-fitting bowhunter gloves as worthy equipment that deserves a place in your hunting arsenal of gear.  I hope you try it out.

Any qualms about purchasing these pieces?  The company offers the “Scent-Lok Field Effective Guarantee”…go to this link to find out more:

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