Camo Handbags By Poske Designs

I admittedly get excited about new boots. Whether they be camo, brown, high-top or low, with or without Thinsulate, etc, etc… I love, and want them all.

I also admit that I’ve never been excited about handbags. That is, until I discovered the camo handbags by Poske Designs.

Regular size, Rope handle in RealTree Hardwoods Grey

I first caught a glimpse of these handbags from on an episode of “Generation X” on the Outdoor Channel where there was a segment on the Deer & Turkey Expo from Madison, Wisconsin. On it was a snippet of footage that showed a booth (Poske Designs) with it’s myriad of fun handbags.

Within two weeks, I had perused their website, picked out my favorite choice of purse, and a few days later, received it in the mail. It was just in time for a wild game dinner that I would be attending that very weekend. I’ll be “stylin”!

My choice was a regular sized purse in RealTree Hardwoods Grey, with an eyelash trim and a very cool rope handle. (I love natural elements!)  The inside lining is blaze orange.

I put in my wallet, reading glasses, cell phone, which had an outside pocket perfect for just that, Chapstick and a few other odds and ends, and I was ready for a night out.

Camo Jan with purse

Poske Designs holds the only REALTREE license assigned to create purses in the U.S., and each and every one of them is handmade with the highest of quality.

  • There are five RealTree patterns to choose from: APG, Hardwoods Green, Max 1, Max 4 and Hardwoods Grey.
  • All handbags are lined with either blaze orange or an earth tone lining.
  • Handles can be fabric or rope, and each bag has an interesting trim to top it all off with.

Handbags are available in these sizes and specs:

Mini (or Child), 7.5”w x 6.5”h with small strap handle and no pockets. Price is $19.99

Regular, 10”w x 8”h with regular sized fabric strap. Three inside and outside pockets. Priced at $29.99

Large, 13.5”w x 9”h with large strap. Three inside and outside pockets. Priced at $34.99

Diaper Bag/Tote 15”w x 13”h Five inside and outside pockets.

Jumbo– 17”w x 18”h, 5 pockets inside and out. Five inside and outside pockets. Priced at $49.99

Backpacks (Small 12wx14h, medium 14wx17h, and large 22wx24h), with heavy-duty straps and a cord drawstring closure. Prices run from $19.99 to $29.99.

Boutique Bags in pink camo with fun trim. Comes with different styles of straps and handles.


Mini/Child                     Regular                          Regular Rope


                             Large                             Jumbo                      Backpack (small shown)


Pink – Mini                      Pink - Large

Additional items available through Poske Designs are Baby Blankets, Burpies and Diaper Bag Sets, which include Bibs. Wedding items are also listed for purchase.

Should your rope-handled purse need a cleaning, it just takes a damp sponge to spot clean the surface of it. The other handbags with the fabric straps, could take a gentle washing in your machine.

Whether you like “frou-frou” or more “natural” elements on your accessories, Poske Designs has them all covered. It’s truly a fun web site to search through!

And if you need to get a gift for an outdoors-loving woman but not sure what to get, they also have gift certificates you can purchase. They use the safe and secure Pay-Pal method.

If you happen to go to a deer, turkey or other outdoors-type show in your area, you may just find Poske Designs as one of the exhibitors. If so, visit them! Or else you can find them on-line any day of the year.

I’m definitely happy with my new purse and will be enjoying it for years to come!

Thanks Poske Designs!

For more info, please check out their website at:


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