Mathews Outback Revisited

Mathews has come up with a winner in the bow that debuted in 2004, the Outback. This bow has been touted as an excellent bow for females, as you can read from fellow WomenHunter Alyssa Haukom (

I would have to agree! It’s smooth draw and quiet release is a big plus on the archery range as well as out in the deer woods.

After shooting another company’s bow (which shall remain nameless) for many years, I was very impressed that I could not only crank up my draw weight, but pull the string back effortlessly and hold it longer at full draw when using the Outback. Best yet, it was so quiet when releasing the string. This will come in handy when I see venison on the hoof while hunting this fall.

Just a few years ago while on a hog hunt, a fellow hunter who was set up about 80 yards away from my stand, said he could hear my old bow when I took a shot with it and that it was quite loud. Upon being told of the news of my noisy bow, I decided it was high time to upgrade to a new and quiet one. I did NOT want to ruin my chances of taking any type of game while hunting because of a noisy bow. This was not acceptable.

With its built in Harmonic Dampeners and String Suppressors, the Mathews Outback is truly a very quiet bow. Even archers at the shooting range comment on its quietness.

Its short axle-to-axle parallel limbs make it a nice size for any woman. Plus, it’s lightweight… great for those longer treks back in the deep woods, or wherever your hunting adventures take you.

My old bow had a low let-off and was a real bear to pull back in the wintertime when heavy clothes were a must. The Outback? Not a problem!

Other features that get high marks from me are the roller guard (which minimizes friction) and the StraightLine Cam. All the latest technology was incorporated into this bow and it shows.

Want a forgiving bow? Try the Outback. Want a fast bow? Try the Outback. Want a smooth, quiet bow? The Outback! It not only feels good in the hand but it looks good too! 

Mathews Inc. is a company that has been around for a while and they really put their heart and soul and great thought in to every bow they manufacture. If you’re in the market for a new bow, check out the Mathews Outback. You WON’T be sorry you did.

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                          Shoot straight, shoot often and may all your arrows fly true.


© October 2005