The Mathews Drenalin

Mathews innovation and improvements never cease to amaze me, and once again I’m simply “wowed” by the newest technological advances found in the Mathews Drenalin.

I loved hunting with my Outback…and was hesitant to switch to the Switchback XT, but once I did, I loved the improvements and quickly became attached to my Switchback XT. As much as I loved shooting my Switchback XT, I couldn’t resist the Drenalin’s advertised lighter weight, new pivoting “SphereLock” cup system and “SlimLimb” design…and couldn’t wait to shoot it!

What I got was instant gratification after shooting the Drenalin; lighter weight that I loved at just 3.85 lbs, smooth and quiet as always with a Mathews, solid wall at full draw, fast and accurate out of the box as promised. Did I say accurate? With just minor tweaks and adjustments to my peep and sight after shooting a half-dozen arrows, I was shooting bullseye groups in no time. Now that’s fun; a sharp looking, state-of-the-art, lighter bow, deadly accurate and quiet, and minimal time spent on setup. Cool. I love shooting it and can’t wait to take it hunting!

As promised, performance right out of the box!
Pull your new Drenalin out of the shipping box and what will you first notice? You’ll immediately acknowledge its lighter weight and thin, super-tough SE3 composite 1 1/8-inch wide limbs.

But look closer at their clever new “SphereLock” pivoting limb cup design, 33” A-to-A, and more forgiving brace height of 7”; all which contribute to better consistency and accuracy in the field. Harmonic dampers positioned on the riser, roller guard and cam, and string suppresors that cradle the Zebra Barracuda bowstring keep the Drenalin whisper quiet and vibration free. And it’s looking cool, dipped in Realtree All Purpose Repeat camo.

As you can see in the photo, the new Mathews Drenalin on the right has much slimmer limbs than the Mathews Switchback XT, shown on the left.
Fully outfitted, my Drenalin weighs in at just under 5 lbs, nearly a full pound lighter than my Switchback XT. Did the lighter weight affect my accuracy in shooting? Not one bit. In fact, I believe I shoot more accurately than ever with the Drenalin, and attribute that fact to its technological improvements. It’s a tad longer than my Switchback XT and I wasn’t sure I’d like that…but I honestly don’t even notice due to its slim profile and featherlight weight, and I think the slightly longer A-to-A aids in stability and accuracy. Speed is effective as well, garnering 250fps shooting at just 60 lbs, with a 351 grain arrow (Carbon Express 250 Maxima with 100 gr. 3-bladed Muzzy broadhead) and 26” draw length. That’s one impressive shooting machine.

You’ll find the Mathews Drenalin available in 40 to 70 lb. draw weights and from 25 to 30” draw lengths, with 65 or 80 let-off. These options make it a perfect bow for shooters of many sizes, strengths and experience levels. Do yourself a favor and go shoot one yourself to see the silent accuracy it offers. With the Drenalin’s wide range of draw weights and lengths, and effortless setup, this powerhouse will be particularly attractive for new shooters as well as seasoned shooters.

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