Bigger Isn’t Always Better – 2008 Update

A few years back, I reported on new bows that would be the perfect size for any bow-shopping female… the short axle-to-axle (A to A) bows. These are the smallest bows on the market that fit the smaller framed body perfectly. Besides that, they’re usually lighter too!  They are simply the best when hunting in tight quarters like a ground blind or sitting in a tree full of enveloping-limbs.

That very first article on short axle bows, still gets many hits, even when a good share of those bows are no longer being produced. (Although you can still find them for sale on various auction sites.) So I figured it was high time to lay down the stats for 2008 available bows. Just in case you’re in the market!

The following bows are in alphabetical order by company with A to A, and mass bow weight is included. Hyperlinks added for quick reference:

This is solely a reference to show you what’s available on the market for the current year. Please click on the hyperlinks to take you to the respective web pages for a more in-depth look at all the bows mentioned.

And happy bow shopping - or dreaming!


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