Archery Shooter Systems 6 Bow Hanger

Here’s an item sure to please a family of archers, instructors of archery classes or use for tournaments and clubs. It’s the 6 Bow Hammer Bow Hanger from Archery Shooter Systems. This is a newer product that I’ve had the opportunity to use recently. I can honestly say it was a godsend to use when I was asked to teach archery classes to several groups of girls at the last International Girl Scout Jamboree. Even though this bow holder states it can hold 6 bows, it actually helped me to hold a dozen recurves! It was nice to be able to keep the bows off the ground so the girls wouldn’t accidentally (or purposely?) step on them.

I teach archery to women also, and this will be in my arsenal of necessary props to have along. I’ve used the Bow Hanger while camping this summer also, to keep jackets, bags, towels, lanterns and such within easy reach and off the ground.

The Bow Hanger is made of yellow painted powder coated 14 gauge steel and works like a post hole driver but is built right into the bow hanger. You not only can drive the bow hanger into the ground, but can also drive it back out! There are rubber-coated tips to protect your bow or other equipment while hanging.

The Bow Hanger is not just handy, but also convenient to transport and store, as it breaks down to a compact size of just two pieces. Check out these photos:

When your family or friends come out for a time of friendly shooting, this 6 Hammer Bow Hanger by Archery Shooter Systems will come in handy big time. For $49.99 retail, I highly recommend it!

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