Tru-Fire Stealth Release

This past summer and fall I had the opportunity to try out the Stealth, the latest mechanical release by Tru-Fire. I was eager to switch from my old "Brand X" release that I had used for years, to something more innovative and reliable.

The moment I put this release on, I knew I had found the perfect release. The jaws of the Stealth release open when you depress the trigger and close when you let up on the trigger. This is the first release to utilize a sealed 12 ball bearing unit creating the most advanced 360-degree head rotation on the market. To be truly torque free, the head of your release where the jaws are housed should be able to rotate independently of the body. This is what the Stealth excels in.

The head rotates so freely, it will not even torque a string loop - it's that smooth. An innovative adjustment dial allows you a range of 4 ounces to 21 ounces of trigger pressure, while not affecting trigger travel. This feature is great for a different trigger feel between targets, or for hunting, if you wear a glove you can now have a heavy trigger but still no creep or travel. This is the first release to enable you to separate the travel of the trigger and the pressure of the trigger. The Stealth is the perfect release for the archer who is shooting x-rings at the target range, 12 rings at the 3-D course or that buck of a lifetime from their favorite tree stand or blind.

Another feature is the fabric of the strap. It's made from extremely soft and durable saddlecloth, so it doesn't chafe your skin, but rather sits comfortably and feels great on your skin. You might even forget you have it on! Tru-Fire calls their wrist strap system the "Continuous Loop". No more fumbling around with both hands trying to get your wrist strap on. Unlike V straps, Tru-Fires strap when taken off your hand resembles a loop. To put your release back on, slide your hand through the loop and tighten. This system makes putting your release over gloves a breeze. These straps are also tapered at specific locations to fit your hand for hours of comfort. This power strap has a Velcro closure system.

The Stealth is also available in a black leather buckle strap (Evolution) which offers adjustments in 12 hole locations. The strap attachment also allows the head to pivot left and right and also fall away. It consists of three layers, the middle being constructed of a high grade Harley Davidson anti-stretch ballistic nylon material. This strap is very quiet to put on when you're out in the stillness of the hunting woods, and best of all, it's easy to put on! Check out the following link to show you just exactly how easy it is, including with an animated gif:

Coming in 2005, the leather strap will be made available in camo for those who truly wish to be one with the woods. Look for it in January, along with a LADIES size! No more extra long straps from using man-sized releases. This ought to be a winner!

Both Stealth straps fit right and left-handed shooters and the straps are plenty long for putting over the thickest of gloves in cold hunting weather.

It also features a 32-position length adjustment system. If need be, you can lengthen your release between the trigger and the strap by over 1 inch - without tools!

If you're in the market for a new release, please give the Stealth a try. You'll be glad you did!

The Stealth and other fine Tru-Fire releases can be found on their web site at:
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