Copper John Dead Nuts Hunting Sight

I’m always on the lookout for “new” or “improved” bow sights that I think might help me get closer to that center X, or more precise on that animal I may be hunting at any particular time.

Well, getting a good score on a 3-D shoot and finding the mark on a tom turkey with the Copper John Dead Nuts Hunter 3-Pin Sight has helped me do just that.

I love how big and clear the window is on this sight; and that the bubble level comes standard, not offered only as an option, like on many sights.

Dead Nuts Hunting Sight 3 pin has red, yellow and green fiber optics. This all-metal sight offers zero pin gap, vertical and horizontal gang adjustments, a round ping guard for subconscious peep alignment, and a bright orange aiming sticker that stands out in low light situations. The .029" fiber hugs the pins to minimize snagging on twigs and sticks, and the bubble can be leveled with the oversized slot in the vertical gang adjustment.

Once I had my Dead Nuts sight mounted on my bow, it took very little tweaking to get the pins set in perfect alignment. 20, 30 and 40 yard placement pins were right on the money.

What’s a bonus for me is having an all black sight with no shiny parts for ground blind hunting. It just disappears into the inside of my blind. I like that!

This sight even won a dealer's choice award from the readers of Archery Business and received an honorable mention in the Reader's Choice Award from the readers of Bowhunting World Magazine!

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