HHA Sports Opti-Tune D.A.R.T. Drop Away Rest

When I first started out in archery many years ago, I had an HHA Sports sight on my bow. Nine years later, I’m using their Opti-Tune rest on my bow.

D.A.R.T. stands for Drop Away Rest Technology, the best thing to come along for bow rests in quite some time.

I love how the V-launcher with Teflon coated sleeves for quiet performance, cradles the arrow so there’s not much chance of your shaft ever falling off the rest. That’s a big plus when you’re hunting and don’t need any sudden mishaps with your arrow when the moment of truth is at hand. I’ve had that happen while using the now “old fashioned” style rests, on more occasions then I’d care to admit. Not any more!

The Opti-Tune is made from precision CNC machined aluminum and has adjustments for elevation and windage. It’s a simple rest that is very easy to tune.

When I’m at the archery range, I have a habit of listening to the arrows being drawn and shot by those that are standing near me. This is when I know I have a good rest because mine is so quiet. Those other shooters will tell me so also! HHA has a good product here. This is one drop-away rest that I would definitely endorse.    

For more information on the two Opti-Tune rests available, check out: http://www.hhasports.com/Rests/optdart.htm

For other great products by HHA Sports, visit their home page at: http://www.hhasports.com/

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