QAD Ultra-Rest

QAD. That stands for Quality Archery Designs and they are out of VA. They are the company behind the Ultra-Rest arrow rest. Their motto is "Nock it, Lock it, Forget it."

This drop-away rest uses VDT (Velocity Drop-Away Technology), which allows the Ultra-Rest to fall away only when the bow is fired (See photos below) and will keep your arrow in place even if you tip your bow upside-down, no finger required to hold it on!

So whether you are stalking, drawing, or letting down slowly, the Ultra-Rest will completely support and capture your arrow so it will not fall off. This is a Godsend to me as I have blown several shots on game when using other arrow rests, due to arrow shafts that would not stay in the cradle and would fall off the shelf. UGH!!

It's also really quiet with its precision-machined aluminum components; internal silicone bumpers and laser cut felt for the launcher, which offers superior noise reduction ALL the time.

With this unique arrow rest, you can also shoot shorter arrows if you so choose (up to 4" shorter) for added speed. Isn't this what most archers seek? That's just an added benefit of the Ultra-Rest.

When the Ultra-Rest is cocked into the vertical-ready position (via the thumb wheel providing 360° arrow capture), it assures total bow shelf clearance when drawing or when letting down. Your arrow will not drag across the bow shelf. It offers minimal friction and zero fletching contact. No more frayed fletching! (Your arrows will love you for this!)

Unlike other rests that drop-away because of inertia or vibration, the Ultra-Rest relies on the velocity of the forward movement to initiate the launcher to drop. VDT assures that the Ultra-Rest remains in the cocked position even on a slow let down, and will only drop-away if the bow is fired. It is very reliable.

The rest is adjustable for both elevation and windage for precise and easy tuning.

The Ultra-Rest is available in Black and Camo, right and left-handed.

I would definitely recommend the Ultra-Rest by QAD for your favorite bow.

For more information on QAD, please check them out at:

Shoot straight, shoot often and may all your arrows fly true.


© June 2005